Why AFK Arena is the most popular

Why AFK Arena is the most popular

AFK Arena has turned out to be a really popular RPG game that is played by millions of people worldwide....

Clash Royale Strategy Tips to Advance in the Game

Clash Royale Strategy Tips to Advance in the Game

Clash Royal is one of the most popular games in the online gaming community. It is a real-time multiplayer game...

Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty

Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty

Starcraft 2 was first announced on May 2007 for release, in early 2010 Blizzard allowed anyone who owns a Blizzard...

Zerg Attacks for Starcraft 2

Zerg Attacks for Starcraft 2

The Zerg evolves by modifying life forms to specialized missions. All of it's soldiers and buildings are biological. Zerg are...


Say What? Common Reasons for Hearing Loss

Say What? Common Reasons for Hearing Loss

It happens to a lot of us as we age. Our hearing begins to fail and sounds and voices are...



Definition: Impotency or (erectile dysfunction) is explained as an inability to get or maintain an erection enough to satisfy you...

Losing Weight Gradually and Responsibly

Losing Weight Gradually and Responsibly

Losing weight in and of itself is a hard thing to do for most people. There is no easy, permanent...

How I Keep to My Weekly Fitness Schedule

How I Keep to My Weekly Fitness Schedule

I always had a busy schedule. In the 80's I worked three jobs and in the 90's worked as an...


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Women’s Clothing Trend: Animal Print for Under $100

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Why AFK Arena is the most popular

AFK Arena has turned out to be a really popular RPG game that is played by millions of people worldwide. Developed by Shanghai based game developer, Lilith Games, the game is a really good game to play during your free time. The game offers a good Gameplay and really cool features which make it even more engaging and enjoyable. You can unlock new heroes, loot treasures, discover new map locations and combat with other players also. 

But, there are a few shortcomings to it as well. Let’s check them out and for more information about the game, you can visit https://afk.guide/.

What Do We Think About AFK Arena?

A lot of traditional role play elements in the game come with an actual story line and that can prove to be really interesting. However, when compared to the overall mechanics of the game, the story is not upto the mark. And that is a real let down. You expect a more engaging and thrilling storyline from a game like this. There are more than 40+ different hero units from a total of six factions and all the units have unique fleshed-out Backstory. We saw some really interesting and fun graphics and art that added a bit more depth to the Gameplay.

However, another short coming of the game is the combat mechanism. It is not very strategic. You can choose your hero, faction and even the unit position, but the entire combat gets played automatically by the game itself. You can use some special skills; however it fails to deliver the true essence of real-time strategic combat.

The main storyline progresses through unique chapters each have a different story to tell. The further you move up the storyline, the harder it gets for the player to win combats and duels. You need to level up your heroes and make them stronger than before to win battles. So that’s quite interesting and realistic.

The AFK Arena is a cool game, no doubt. But, it lacks some element that could have really taken it to a whole new level. It really could make use of a more real-time combat strategy and some tweaks in the storyline. These changes can make it even more special.

Other Aspects of The AFK Arena Game

The game is going to store up to at least 12 hours of AFK Rewards at a single time. So, that means you need to log in a couple of times a day in order to keep advancing. Complete weekly and daily quests in order to gather more rewards, gold and other items. It takes about 30 – 35 minutes to complete these events. One very interesting reason why you should complete the daily quests and special events is to earn more Diamonds, the in-game currency.

Download the AFK Arena game from the play store and start playing it. Let us know how your experience was and what were the best features that you liked in the game.

Economics: Working for Nothing, Debit Freedom

Student loans are a problematic situation, the need for education and its benefits must meet the expense of such. The value of an education can not be measured just by the monetary cost of such. No one can truly say we know the value of another life, and the effects of one’s life go far beyond the reach of this one. The infrastructure in our society has been built around many concepts, our strategy is to allow each individual the freedom to choose how to interact and respond to their community’s. Yet this same infrastructure does not indicate the right thing is being done. The problem is how the individual performs the actions to benefit life and what reactions this results returns. Adverse effect to the community can not be allowed by community control, yet personal interest in control of political groups can result in such actions not being noticed. This results in individuals lacking the funds to use in as they require, the community as a whole suffers because benefits are only achieved by those gaining public promotion.

This is the problem we find ourselves in, how to do the right thing, yet benefit from it as well. This is not just as individuals but as the whole of society. Personal interest of a few individuals allows only those individuals to gain. The results are less individuals are allowed the same advantages, they are held back to protect the few. This leads to an inadequate cost-benefit analysis of the expenses involved in accepting such. Education is meant to provide all with more means and resources, to extend the individual’s ability to do and operate within our society. But this comes with a large cost especially in today’s economic conditions. We present knowledge collected over many years by those individuals who came before us as the means of saying this is know. But to understand or gain access will require time, motivation, and the access to those who will guide us to such knowledge. The guide or teacher must also give up time and other resources must be used as well. We pay for the time others give us to perform the actions we require, but the students are not paid for their time.

Once out of college, where are the jobs? The economic theories state we need to receive compensation for the cost of producing a produce. The students have spent time and energy to prepare for the jobs they intend to do as a career. Yet when they seek such, the pay is rarely theirs to request being meet, instead it directed upon them by others. The cost of meeting the educational needs required than may not be what they are paid. So many have decided to take second jobs, or third, or fourth jobs. This indicates they are motivated to do what is required of them, but the compensation they are receiving just is not there. As seen by many senior citizens, these educational debits are going on far too long. The only relief‚Ķdoes not come. The need to adjust the economic system is imperative, but it must come from a community’s direction.

The individuals who are attempting to survive in this world are not asking for a free ride. Nor do they want to default on their obligations to the debits they have. Some licensed money lender is always available but the main question is, are people capable of paying their debt? Or do they have to work their butt off just to survive on a daily basis.  This only allows more people to become dependant on the need of future students to default. Their jobs and careers are based on the defaulting of others to continue, they seek then the political forces to continue directing the economic conditions towards more defaults. And more people become dependant on the needs of this infrastructure, for only so long as this continues does the monetary exchange continue.

But if the public majority in not being paid today, there are no funds to pay the cost our society has required of them. You can bail out all the people you want, but the money must still come from somewhere, and it is only sent if there is an expected return on this investment. If the majority is not allowed to gain, it has no funds to bailout others nor is there incentive to try. The results are long-term debits carried to the point of even lower economic conditions with fewer resources developed. Those not paying the lower society classes are not allowing a free economic exchange to develop. Instead they are replacing the economic stable economic conditions with those of personal interest for the industries they want and use to receive funds from. The few personal interest wanting to feed off the destruction of our society, seek instead of a community of individuals their needs supported by the community. Thus they are developing the culture the rest of society has decreed already should never exist, the loss of freedom and free economic exchange. We see the results of this every day, yet it has become so ingrained as culture we no longer notice. The same was once thought of as former slaves were treated by the residents living around them. Are we to reverse our standards and have slavery again? Following this leadership off the cliff and straight down to hell is not the way our founding fathers planned things.

Weight Loss: Are Pills, Powders and Potions the Answer?

In this advanced day and age, there are many medical advances in dieting and everyone and their uncle have jumped on the weight loss bandwagon. Everyone has a pill that will make you burn fat, rev up your weight loss hormones, let you sleep and wake up with a weight loss with no action on your part except to take the pill as directed. Do you really think that these will work? If you do you have definitely been duped and bought a weight loss product you will be unhappy with.

The Fine Print

Have you ever read any of the bottles that go past the directions? How about the information paper that usually comes with the bottle? If you are like most who think they are going to lose weight by taking a pill, you won’t read past the directions to take them. If you take the time to read the fine print a majority of weight loss products have a disclaimer on them. This usually says something about the examples on the ads is extreme cases and no two people will have the same weight loss results. The next line is usually to achieve optimal results a low calorie diet and exercise will enhance your experience.

An important point that most people overlook is that no matter how hard you exercise, bet it for gaining muscles or losing weight, it is of no use until you don’t follow a proper diet alongwith with protein supplements like leptitox, which is an important ingredient to increase your metabolism for absorption.

Returnable Guarantee: If You Are Not Satisfied…

So, you have come this far with your weight loss product and are looking for that returnable guarantee. If you are lucky you have kept the bottle, receipt, and your original packaging because most of the return policy has to be followed exactly to get your money back if you have dealt with a mail order. It is easier if you went to a store and purchased your weight loss product, then all that is needed is the UN used portion in the original bottle and the receipt. The stores are very good at refunding, but sometimes the mail orders are harder. You send in your return and the reason and if you are lucky you will get your refund in about eight weeks. That is, if it isn’t lost in the mail.

To Buy or Not to Buy a Weight Loss Product

Some people will become like junkies with these pills and go from one to another trying to get their “instant weight loss” as a majority of the weight loss pills say on the ads. People are shown with their testimonies of fantastic losses and before and after pictures. And in small print at the bottom of the screen is that disclaimer: “Weight loss not typical for the product” but it goes by so fast you really don’t see it long enough to sink in. So, you see the pictures and that is all. You are off to the local store that carries this weight loss miracle. Once you have gone through a several refunds because your results aren’t what you saw on television, you are hooked in the refund game and trying these weight loss products! Finally you do see a good drop in weight, but it isn’t the pills; it is all the exercise of going to the stores and eating less because you spend your money on the weight loss products. The moral of this story is as always: Less calories and exercise equal weight loss.

Clash Royale Strategy Tips to Advance in the Game

Clash Royal is one of the most popular games in the online gaming community. It is a real-time multiplayer game that features amazing characters and heroes from clash of clans. If you are a fanatic player of this game, here are some strategy tips to boost your gamepley.  

Join Clans

One of the most important strategy that you should learn is to know the importance of joining clans. When you reach King Level 3 of the game, you are now given the chance to unlock the ability to join a clan. This is very crucial in the game for so many reasons. First, by joining clans, you can request cards from your fellow clan members. As a result, you can level up your favorite cards a bit quicker than randomly waiting for their appearance in the Victory Chest. Secondly, by joining clans, you can also gain Kill level points and gold quickly. All you have to do is to donate extra cards to your other clan member.

Attack In Pair

Unity and teamwork are certainly an advantage in the team. Hence, it is not ideal to send one troop type in all alone on a rush. Hence, a good strategy is to wait for your elixir to charge up so that you will be able to drop at least 2 troops at one time in order to fully utilize your effectiveness. You may also opt to drop your troop at the back of the arena and wat for the troop to work their wat through the arena. 

Opponents Battle Deck

This is one of the easiest trick or strategy that you can use in the game. As an example, if you see your opponent utilized a fireball and arrow attack early, you should keep in mind the risk to amass a large group of ground melee troops.  So the ideal thing to do is to sit on the swarm cards until your enemy plays that long ranged card with massive area damage. In this strategy, you will be able to avoid such damage and attack of your enemy.

Learn from your matches

As you progress in the game, you will learn a lot from you previous matches. In this way, you will know what works and what doesn’t. Hence, it is advisable to watch replays of your previous matches. You can also learn from the best players across the globe. You can watch replays of matches between the best players in the world. In this way, you can get strategy from them and you will see how to use and counter cards you may not encountered yet. So for you to become competitive in clash royale, continuous learning is really necessary.

Build Your Decks

Last but not the least, building your decks is also crucial to boost your gameplay. But there are certain rules and strategies that you need to learn to help you out. These include one low elixir cost ground troops such as skeletons, knight, goblins

A Buying Guide – Best Garbage Disposal, FAQs, things to know!

 The garbage disposal unit is a device that is powerful, and it consumes electricity. Usually, this is being installed under the kitchen sink, between the sink’s drain and the trap. It is also known as the disposable waste unit, garbage disposer, garburator, etc. The disposable unit shirts the food wastes into the smaller pieces, which are usually less than 2mm, so that they can easily pass through the plumbing. 

These gadgets work as the life savior because they will not let anything to jam awestruck into the sink. This is being considered as the most useful kitchen appliance, which will enable the user to eliminate the leftover of edibles and several types of food waste. The food particles are carried into the plumbing discharge pipes, and this is how they will get out of your house. 

The quiet garbage disposal home depot is available on the massive range. This availability of the products might distract you from getting the right product according to your needs. So preferably have a look at the following description, here we have elaborated a buying guide that will help to gain more information about it.

Buying guide – what matters the most? 

We have described the earlier that the garbage disposal gadgets are available in the massive range. Such availability of this gadget might distract you from getting the most elegant product according to your desire.

We have collaborated on some essential points that you need to keep in mind while getting the garbage disposal for your house. It will help you to know what things you need to priorities during product selection. Have a look.

  • Identify the right type

The garbage disposals are available in two types one is batch feed, and the other one is continuous feed full stop the batch feed disposals are being used as the stopper for covering the sink drain from initial to continuous operation. It will also prevent the possibility of the unwanted items which were falling from the disposable during the usage.

The batch feed models are more expensive, but they might offer you with quieter operation along with the increased grind Power. Whereas the continuous feed disposals are more active by the wall-mounted power switch, and it will remain on until the switch has been turned off. The noise separation is provided by the rubber shield, which will be placed in the sink opening.

  •  Check out the grinding power.

The size of the garbage disposal motor will determine the grinding power, and it is related to its horsepower as well. The ordinary or basic disposals are offering the users with the ⅓ to ½ horsepower motor, which is sufficient for the nuclear families. 

This will also show the low volume and infrequent usage so that the person who is using the sink will not get irritated by the sound generated from it.

The ¾ horsepower is the higher models that are being recommended for the house, which is having more frequent usage of enormous waste. The joint families are considering this.

  •  Check out the features provided by it

When it comes to garbage disposal, the auto-reverse feature’s anti-jamming feature is there to help the users while reducing the jams. It will reduce the chances of jam, and it will help the unit to remain running. Whereas in some models, these features are requiring manual operation. The higher and models may provide automatic operation so you can choose the one according to your convenience.

Have a look at some frequently asked questions (FAQs):- 

  • Describe the initial usage of the garbage disposal? 

The garbage disposal is the electronic machine that is being used to shred the food waste into the minor or super small pieces so that they will not clog the pipes. They can be easily drained out of the house, and it is the smart run of the disposal on a regular basis as you don’t need to keep the garbage in the bag. This gadget is proficient enough to serve you with ease; you just need to install it under your sink and bingo! You are ready to use it.

  • What type of water will be preferred by garbage disposal? 

There are several important ways that will help you to keep your motor running, preferably use the cold water for washing the utensil as it will solidify the greases and oils present there.

  • How does the garbage disposal work and perk of using it? 

The Garbage disposal is the gadget that is proficient enough to chew up the food scraps along with the waste particles, which will be fed down from the drain. The heavy flow of the water is required for getting the required task done. The grinding chamber, shredding blades are skilled enough to break down the food, and they are an impeller arm along with the plate force that will force the particles and the dirt liquid to flow down the drain.

The final verdict

From the details described above, we can easily conclude that garbage disposals are the essential gadgets required by every home. The garbage disposals are proficient enough to prevent the sink clogging, and it will then drain the food waste out of your home conveniently. we hope the elaborated information will be beneficial for the readers as we have tried to compile each possible detail. 

Say What? Common Reasons for Hearing Loss

It happens to a lot of us as we age. Our hearing begins to fail and sounds and voices are suddenly distorted or missing all together. I went for a few months thinking my grandfather was ignoring me before I realized he couldn’t hear me. It was a sudden and sad reminder that he is just not as young as he used to be.

Hearing loss doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s quite common in the latter years of our lives. This is called presbycusis. Sometimes, it happens at a young age, and that usually has to do with a medical condition or an accident. There really aren’t any preventative measures for this type of hearing loss, but there are ways to protect your hearing against gradual hearing loss as you age.

Illness and Injury

There are many medical conditions that can result in hearing loss. Viruses and bacterium are common culprits, along with heart conditions, stroke, and direct injury to the ear.

Common illnesses include, mumps, meningitis, HIV and AIDS, chlamydia, syphilis, and measles. If you have any of these conditions and think you may be experiencing hearing loss, talk to your doctor. Remember that some medications can also cause hearing loss. With natural ingredients, the consumption of the sonus complete will be effective. The experience of the person will be excellent with the purchase of the pills. A consult should be made with the doctors for the dose of the pills. The medications will be provided according to the reaction with the body. 

Loud Music

Musicians quite often experience hearing loss as they age due to exposure to loud music while rehearsing and playing. Many stage shows must be loud to ensure everyone in the audience can hear, and the stage monitor volume is quite loud as well. The constant exposure to high decibels will slowly erode your hearing.

This also can happen to those who like to listen to music with the volume turned up high. This can be especially damaging if the listener is using headphones. The constant assault of the music pointed directly at the eardrum causes damage that is most likely irreversible.

Your Job

If you are constantly exposed to loud noises while you work, you can expect some hearing loss as you age. High-risk occupations include musician, farmer, military, construction workers, and some airline employees.

Early Warning Sign

Tinnitus is a common warning sign that your hearing has sustained damage, usually due to constant exposure to loud noises. This is commonly referred to as ‘ringing in the ears’ but can also be a swishing noise, or even a dull roaring sound. If you have any of these symptoms, see a doctor. It may not be reversible but your doctor can advise you on how to prevent further damage to your hearing.

If you don’t have tinnitus, there are other signs that may suggest your hearing is not up to par. You may find it hard to hear in a crowded room, from a distance, or you may find that voices that are very high or very low may be harder to understand. People may sound like they are mumbling or you constantly misunderstand what they are saying. If people complain you seem to be ignoring them, or that you always have the television too loud, you may want to consider you have sustained some hearing loss.

Early Prevention

Anything above 85 decibels can cause damage to your hearing. If you are routinely exposed to noises and sounds above this level, protect your ears from hearing loss by wearing protective equipment. In most cases, this is as simple as wearing earplugs. You may not hear what is going on around you as well as you would like, but it will help save you from severe hearing loss in the future.

It only takes the sound of one gunshot at close range to cause permanent damage. Also remember to keep sharp objects away from your ear canal at all times, and to report any changes in your hearing to your doctor.

What Can You Do?

Visit your doctor. They may refer you to a specialist. There are quite a few types of hearing aids that may help you, and items that can help you with hearing loss when you can’t hear the television and other household items.

The sound of a jackhammer is very damaging, as it the constant noise of jets and other aircraft. Those who like to ride all terrain vehicles and shoot guns or rifles are also exposing their ears to damaging noises. Even if you have already sustained some damage, protecting your ears can help prevent further hearing loss.

How to Find Cheap Apartments/condos

Last year, when I announced that I was moving to Honolulu, everyone I told seemed to gasp. “It’s very costly to live out there,” each one of them said using a variation of those ugly words. Well, let me assure you that if you’re looking for cheap (affordable) apartments in Honolulu, with a little luck, a little guidance, and a little effort, you will find some. Here are some tips.

Many apartments in Honolulu come furnished, since there are a lot of people who move to Hawaii with no furniture. It’s costly to move furniture from the mainland to the islands, and it’s usually not worth the cost. You’ll have to decide for yourself between a furnished or unfurnished Honolulu apartment. If you have furniture already on the island, then an unfurnished unit will be cheaper. However, if you do not, it will certainly cost you more to furnish an apartment yourself, then it would to pay the few extra bucks a month to use someone else’s furniture. My first apartment in Waikiki came furnished. The furniture was clean and aesthetically pleasing, and I was happy with my choice after renting the apartment sight unseen.

The next consideration is whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term rental. Generally, long-term rentals are cheaper. The reason for this being that the landlord won’t have to try to re-rent the apartment (a major pain) in a few short months. Also, moving in and out brings a lot of wear and tear on an apartment. So, look for a six or twelve month lease. Many landlords will offer their apartments at one price for a short-term lease and at another for a long-term. Ask the landlord if he or she can lower the rent if you sign on for a longer period of time. In addition, when looking for an apartment or condo, it is advisable to consider all the necessary factors. From location to accessibility to rates to amenities and facilities, there are several things that you need to pay attention to. The landmark condo is one of the best deals.

The next consideration is whether or not you need a swimming pool. Many apartment buildings in Honolulu, especially Waikiki, have swimming pools. While a swimming pool on the premises is nice to have, ask yourself if you really need one when your apartment is a few blocks away from the world-famous Waikiki Beach, with waters as warm as any olympic-sized heated pool. My first apartment in Waikiki didn’t have a pool. I thought I’d miss it, but with Waikiki Beach a few steps away, I didn’t in the least. Of course, apartments in buildings without swimming pools are generally cheaper than ones with.

One thing that can jack up the price of any Honolulu apartment is the view. Even a crappy apartment that overlooks the sparkling Pacific Ocean is going to cost you an arm and a leg. How many hours are you going to be spend staring out at that ocean during each day? Will it be enough to warrant the extra cost? I moved to Waikiki to write my first novel, so my apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a wide open lanai that also served as a kitchen was inspiring, and thus well worth the extra cost. But for many people, an apartment is just a place to lay their head down at night, so a view may not be as important.

The same goes for apartments on higher floors. Apartment rents rise as the apartment does. My first Waikiki apartment was on the 23rd floor, and thus more expensive. Why? A better view for one. If you’re in the market for a cheap apartment in Honolulu, look at the high-rises and then select a unit on the second or third floor.

Likewise, the closer the apartment is to the beach, the more money you’ll pay in rent. So, look for your cheap Honolulu apartment farther away from the beach. That doesn’t mean the beach can’t be within walking distance of your cheap apartment, you may just have to walk a little further.

The final consideration is an important one: Do you needparking? If you don’t own a car and take public transportation to work, clearly you do not. And your typical Honolulu apartment without parking is going to be cheaper. Like any major city, parking is a commodity, and it’s a costly one at that. If you do have a car, don’t plan on simply parking it on the street. It could be a daily nightmare looking for a spot.

If you currently live on the mainland, the best place to start looking for a cheap Honolulu apartment is Craigslist. There are tons of them. Check every day. At the very least, you’ll get a good feel of rental prices and what you’ll get for your buck. I ignore the postings without pictures. If the landlords can’t afford a digital camera or a scanner, what’s their property going to look like? Also, check out the online edition of the Honolulu Advertiser.

Aloha, and mahalo (thank you) for reading. Good luck in finding cheap Honolulu apartments – they are out there. Just heed my advice and start looking.



Impotency or (erectile dysfunction) is explained as an inability to get or maintain an erection enough to satisfy you or your sexual partner. This can cause disruption in most couple’s lives. It’s an embarrassing situation and most men get depressed not knowing that there is help. 90% of this condition goes untreated.

Main causes

  • Diseases – diabetes and kidney failure can cause damage to arteries.
  • Injury to the penis – due to riding a bicycle or kicked on the penis.
  • Side of the effect of medication – e.g. depression medication
  • Complications of surgery such as prostate cancer as it interferes with the flow of blood.
  • Substance abuse – alcohol abuse, drugs can diminish the sex drive.
  • Hormonal disorder – low testosterone.


Not able to hold an erection to the end of sexual activity, alone or with a partner.


Treatment depends on whether it is physical or emotional and how far gone the dysfunction.

  • Oral treatment e.g. Cialis, Levitra, Hyper Male Force, and Viagra they work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. These drugs should be discussed with the doctor if you have suffered a heart attack or high blood pressure. You can also read more about this through hyper male force reviews as well. 
  • Penis pump (Vacuum constriction devices) it helps to get and maintain an erection.
  • Psychosexual therapy – this is where the qualified specialist addresses the sexual dysfunction and emotional distress within the relationship.
  • Intra-cavernosal injection therapy (ICI) – papaverine, alprostadil, and phentolamine – can be used for males who can not use oral treatment.
  • Vascular surgery – The device vacuum or draws the blood into the penis causing it to expand – this is the last resort and it’s rarely done as it can cause nerve damages.
  • Penile implant (Prosthesis) – can be done as an option when drugs can’t help.
  • Talking about your feelings – communication between partners can help ease the anxiety and depression caused by fear and self-esteem.
  • Discus treatment plan with your partner, explore different sexual activities.
  • Seek professional counseling for both of you.

Side effects of the drugs include:

  • Headache,
  • Indigestion,
  • Back pain,
  • Muscle aches,
  • Flushing, and
  • Runny nose
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, and throat.
  • Dizzy or nauseated during sexual activity,
  • Pain, numbness, or chest tingling
  • Numbness of arms, neck, or jaw,
  • Palpitations.

Physical effect:

  • Hearing loss
  • Vision loss
  • Priapism (a painful, erection that lasts longer than usual) – this can cause permanent impotency if not treated in time.

Side effects of the penile pump

  • Red dots caused by bleeding under the skin of the penis if, on blood-thinning drugs, this can lead to hemorrhaging if a vein erupts.
  • Numbness of skin when the band is in place
  • Firmness can be minimal at the base of the penis.
  • Bruising and severe Pain of the penis
  • Delayed ejaculation during sexual activity due to constriction of the blood flow.

Side effects Intracavernosal injection therapy

  • Penile fibrosis (PF) – is documented as a high complication of intracavernosal injection therapy (ICI).
  • feeling light-headed, fainting;
  • bleeding from urethra;
  • bleeding, bruising,
  • swelling
  • painful erection

Side effects Penile implant (Prosthesis

  • Malfunction of the device can lead to removal and re-operation.
  • Infection – patients with diabetes and kidney failure are very prone to infection.
  • Skin bruising – around the implant site, which can lead to infection and removal of the implant.
  • Formation of scar tissue around the penile area.

The psychological effect of the Impotency

  • Anxiety – fear of sexual failure and losing their partners can be experienced once a man realized he has erectile dysfunction.
  • Guilt – he will always suspect himself of not satisfying his partner and blame himself.
  • Depression – drugs used for depression play a big part in causing impotency and depression itself takes tall on a man’s physical and psychological ability to perform.
  • Low self-esteem – knowing you can get it or keep it up just diminishes any men’s morale. This can even lead to abstinence.

Future treatment for Impotence

Currently, there are only three oral treatments to treat impotence. A number of pharmaceutical companies are researching more treatment that is efficient and has fewer side effects.

Losing Weight Gradually and Responsibly

Losing weight in and of itself is a hard thing to do for most people. There is no easy, permanent way to lose weight. The journey to making a new “You” is not a piece of cake (no pun intended) and it’s why most people do not have the body that they want. A lot of people go looking for the next fad diet, or new “tools to help with their weight loss. The truth that many people do not know or choose to outright ignore is that the only tool you need to lose weight was taught to you in second grade arithmetic.

This simple tool is addition and subtraction. It doesn’t matter if you eat no carbs or more low-glycemic index foods etc. The onyl thing that matters is how much you eat calories wise. You must burn the calories that you put in your body by eating, and that is the only way to lose weight. A pound of fat is around 3500 calories worth of energy. This means that if you wanted to lose say 10 pounds, you would need to accumulate a “deficit” of calories in your body equal to 35,000 calories.

Creating this deficit is simple but not easy. It’s simple because all you have to do is cut how much you eat based on your sedentary metabolism and exercise everyday to obtain a negative calorie total for that day. So say you needed to lose that 10 pounds, or 35,000 calories, in around 2 months. That means in 56 days you have to create a deficit of 35,000 calories, or a deficit of 625 calories a day. Usually this should come half from cutting down on eating and half from exercise. So everyday, you’d eat around 310 calories less than you normally would and exercise so that you burn another 310 calories (310 calories is equivalent to running about 2 miles at 6 mph). Now you know why its simple, but not easy.

So how do you know how much to cut down on eating? Well that depends on how much you would burn if you didn’t do any activity in your day. This is your resting metabolic rate, teenagers have high metabolic rates, about 2,500 calories a day. So they could eat that much, sit around and still not gain weight. Adults on the other hand have a metabolic rate of about 1,850 to 2,000 calories a day. You should also never really go below 1,200 calories a day, because if you do your body starts to go into “storage” mode, where it thinks there is a severe lack of food so it stores what you eat quickly into fat! You don’t want that! So figure out how much you want to lose, cut half of the required per day deficit for that goal from your eating habits as long as it doesn’t go below 1,200 calories. Exercise the rest of your daily quota off to meet your end of the day goals and your body WILL lose fat!

Furthermore, some people who want to lose weight don’t just rely on their diet and regular workouts. They also consider taking supplements with weight loss solutions. If you check resurge reviews, you can see how effective and helpful supplements are for people who want to lose weight.

You might still be waiting for the part where I say that all of this is the long way to do it and that the short way is to just take Pill “ABC” and give you a link. But it doesn’t work that way. You have to work to lose weight and reach your goal. Find support from family members and friends so you don’t get off track. Organize your goals and work towards it, it’ll pay off in the end!

Condo Shopping–Understanding Maintenance Costs, Rules and Regulations

As you age, don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking of ways to escape the drudgery of maintaining your home. After 40 years or so of mowing, raking, trimming, sweeping, and scooping, people tire of all that yard maintenance. Who wants to be working in the yard when he/she could be playing tennis, seeing a movie, taking a trip, or writing the great American novel?

If you decide to join the ranks of those who prefer condo living, you will need to do some condo shopping. An important part of that condo shopping is understanding maintenance fees and guidelines of the condo complex.

Calculating Your Current Home Maintenance Costs

Since you will most likely be paying maintenance fees to live in a condo, it is wise to add up current costs of maintaining your yard/home and compare the total to the condo/association fees you will pay. Don’t be surprised that when the topic of paying maintenance fees for a condo arises in conversations with friends/family/co-workers, you might hear something like, “It’s stupid to pay all the condo fees, it’s not worth it.”

No doubt about it, people making such comments most likely have not done the “homework” (adding up their current maintenance costs). In essence, they are uninformed about maintenance fees in general and what they include, which does vary among condo associations. Also, some people don’t consciously keep watch over their finances or budget their money. Literally, they may have no idea what they ARE spending to maintain their homes. Such negative comments regarding condo association fees could also indicate the person making the comments may not take care of their current property so, of course, can’t imagine paying a fee to actually take care of/maintain a property in its best condition.

For most who do the exercise of compiling current maintenance costs, they will find that they are already spending a reasonable amount of money to take care of their current homes PLUS their own time and labor to do the tasks. The beauty of moving in to a condo (or having one as a vacation home) is that you won’t be doing the grunt work. Much of what you will be paying for in your maintenance fees are labor costs to pay the salaries of those who do.

Possible Inclusions in Condo Maintenance Fees

Part of the homeowners’ insurance (for the exterior walls of the property) is included in monthly maintenance fees at some condo complexes, as well as maintenance of the outside of the buildings, cable television charges and water usage. Any difference between home maintenance costs and proposed condo maintenance fees can be considered costs to do the labor. Remember, you won’t be doing any of these tasks anymore so someone must be paid to do them at the condo complex.

Condo Rules and Regulations

When you are seriously considering buying a condo, your realtor will most likely provide you with a website where you can read the condo’s regulations. Reading the manual is a must before purchasing any condo property. Take notes regarding any questions you have or anything you don’t understand in the rules and regulations. Your realtor will provide the contact information for condo association board members who you can call to discuss your concerns. If you decide to buy a condo, you must follow the rules/regulations as a resident in the condo complex.

Note to people who question every rule, whine or complain frequently, just don’t like following rules, or have problems with authority figures: don’t purchase a condo. Yes, even you must follow the rules established by the board should you buy and move in to a condo. If you can’t trust there are reasons certain rules are established for the masses, then condo living is not for you.

For those who are simply a little less sure about having rules to follow in your “neighborhood,” remind yourself that what you are purchasing is more leisure time for you (and your partner if you have one). Doing so may require you to follow some fairly simple and reasonable rules. For those who truly seek freedom from the costs, time and energy required to maintain an expanse of outdoor, physical property, respecting the condo property’s guidelines is a small price to pay for the amenities and convenience you receive.

And don’t forget, the rules and regulations are most likely set up and maintained by a governing board largely made up of condo residents. This means that you can most likely become active on the board to assure you have a say in various issues that arise related to your condo complex.


Condo maintenance costs, rules and regulations can serve as real deterrents for people shopping for a condo. Take time to get familiar with your own home maintenance expenditures. Then, compare them with prospective condo maintenance fees, keeping in mind you will be paying labor fees to maintain the outside of the condo property. Be sure to jot down your questions and contact an officer of the condo association to get answers about the condo association’s rules and regulations. When you feel comfortable with your understanding of how the complex operates, you will be ready to purchase the carefree lifestyle you seek.

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