Pressure blankets, gravity blankets or simply known as weighted blankets, they were created in order to help the person with disorders like autism. The idea was to create a non-medicated and natural medium of treating the disorder and ease anxiety or stress. Weighted blankets are now used by a lot of people who want to experience a wonderful sleep at night. But, are you aware of the health benefits of them? No? Then read our blog to know more about it.

Enhances Oxytocin

the pressure inflicted by a weighted blanket is very similar to a hug that offers warmth and coziness to the users. Research has shown that a hug can release a lot of hormones, named as oxytocin in the human body that allows you to feel more relaxed. That is why you feel a lot of ease. Oxytocin is also responsible for lowering blood pressure and prompts the body to relax and sleep better. If there’s any natural way in which you can promote oxytocin in your body, then it is by using weighted blankets every night.

Releases Dopamine & Serotonin

 most of the weighted blankets tend to deliver a gentle and deep pressure which goes really deep in the body. Researchers found out that this sensation helped to release two very important brain chemicals which are Рdopamine and serotonin. Both these hormones help to deliver a calming effect which can combat the anxiety and stress. That is why you can experience a peaceful night on bed and get a wonderful sleep easily.

Reduces Cortisol

you need to have a calm and stress-free mind when you are going to bed. Or else you will be too anxious to sleep throughout the night. Studies and research have shown that grounding will surely allow you to experience a reduced level of cortisol at night. Cortisol is a stress hormone and can have a very negative impact on blood sugar levels and human immunity. So, when you use weighted blankets, the calming effect will reduce the cortisol level significantly. Thus, allowing you to sleep with better comfort levels always.

Get Rid of Insomnia

¬†insomnia is a big problem nowadays with a lot of people suffering from it. Insomnia can be caused due to various factors – stress, anxiety, or any other physical disorder. Insomnia can really affect your regular sleeping cycle and that affects anyone’s daily lifestyle big time. But, when you are buying weighted blankets, you can sleep longer and with better comfort. People have stated that they felt less restless at night. So, they could actually enjoy a full sleeping cycle and wake up in the morning refreshed. Weighted blankets are made of amazing materials that offer a more comfortable sleep.

Final Words

weighted blankets are one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep. The main elements because of which these are so popular are comfort and convenience. People love using them and it is time for you to check them out as well. You can grab more news regarding them on the web or check out our website.