The main key parameter to decide whether visitors will stay on your site and buy or will leave without even showing concern is web design. Web design is vital for the website’s success and is the main factor in judging the creditability of a company. Companies tend to hire graphic designers, site developers, and content writers to create their website, but they should hire a web designer in reality. Web designing encompasses both content development and graphic design. Web designing has a precise grammar that gets tweaked over time but mainly aims at customer attention. You can check out Best Website Designers & Developers in Mumbai if you want to create a web design.

You are required to know all the technical aspects while designing a website. Here, you will read about some good practices that can help to make your web design more attractive to the visitors. 

  • Website speed

Suppose your website is slow while loading, visitors will not care and will leave. Internet users are impatient. The ideal time in which a webpage must load is 6 seconds, it is the average threshold of a user, and after this, they will leave. You must ensure that your website is free from elements that increase the loading time. Compress images, eliminate unnecessary data, and make your website clean and easy to load.

  • The first page is critical. 

The first page of the website is the hero of the equation. It is considered the biggest asset that must be good enough and attractive to catch the visitors’ attention. It is understood that the first page is critical, but you must treat each and every page equally. The first page must have value propositions to encourage the customer to know more about your website and explore it.

  • Reduce choices

Most websites believe in diversity, but in reality, social diversity is tremendous in web designing. Having too many choices always confuses the customer, and they may end up not buying anything. It is better to keep your website simple with few tabs. Try to ensure that users stay on the homepage for a longer period of time. 

  • Make visitors scroll and not only click.

Web designers always keep in mind about the internet and browsing access that happens on smartphones. Touch screens in smartphones are quite easier to scroll than to click on. Users prefer the content and page where they can easily scroll down. Providing the users the best experience is the key factor in keeping them using a website. Try to avoid tabs, carousels, sliders, and accordions as they might look good but provide difficulty in navigating. 

  • Find and fix the errors 404 before launching.

Before launching your website, test each and everything and find and fix every possible error that can occur, especially the 404’s. Errors can turn off a customer and brings down all the user experience. It will create doubts in the minds of customers about the product/service and the website.