My mom is the biggest perfume guru I have ever known. However my mom is a smart perfume guru. She does not go out and spend gobs of money on designer brands. She picks up half empty bottles at local thrift stores. One thrift store in particular seems to have baskets filled of perfume for sale for only $1.00 each, every time she goes in.

Mom has run into some pretty sweet gold finds in her time. One bottle she picked up for $1.00 was a $1,500 bottle of perfume! Looking through her recent finds has always been a favorite little hobby of mine. (Plus I love trying out; and reviewing her most expensive finds).

One find was a bottle of Lucky You perfume. The bottle was filled to the top, so for only a buck, it’s a damn fine find.

The Bottle:

Lucky You comes in a relatively pretty glass bottle, but to be honest, it is the pink colored perfume inside of the bottle that truly makes it prettier than what it is.

The bottle itself has a plain rectangular shape, but with a neat plastic top, that looks like rubber, actually makes it look like an old Chinese snuff bottle. The Lucky You name runs down the bottle, with a cute little four leaf clover in the middle.

The Scent:

Pink perfume usually means 2 things to me. It either smells like candy, or flowers.

It is one of the best perfumes to have come out in modern times and I am quite fond of its scent as its entrancing and unique at the same time which is why I consider it among the top favorites that I have used so for.

When I gave it a spritz I however smelled citrus and fruit. After the perfume began to dry a bit though, I was then sniffing in a lovely refreshing bouquet of flowers. The citrusy smell stuck around as well. The two combined fragrances truly made Lucky You a really nice combination of fruits and flowers. Mmm…


I was hoping Lucky You had that long lasting power that perfume lovers long for. Sadly though Lucky You did not stick around long at all.

I sprayed some on my wrists, and onto my clothing, and less than an hour later Lucky You’s gorgeous fruity floral scent was no longer present. Usually when sprayed directly on clothing perfume tends to last longer, Lucky You though lasted just as long on my clothing as it did on my skin.


I liked Lucky You; a lot actually. Sadly though due to it’s low key lasting power, I have to put Lucky You on the back burner. It would be nice if this scent was sold as a bubble bath though. As a perfume it just does not pack enough of a lasting punch for me to go ahead and recommend it to anyone.

Pricing and Availability:

Lucky You can be found online, or at Target stores. The price will come to about $25.00. For the 40 minutes or so of scent you get from it, it’s just not worth that much in my opinion.