Sometimes ladies want guns, too. We aren’t talking about heavy metal, unless you’re thinking dumbells, but powerful arms that could take any boy down.

Arm workouts for women are the fastest way to get guns. They can include a variety of things and a variety of equipment. Some need no equipment at all, using your own body weight as a counter against the biceps and triceps you want to make look sleeker and feel stronger. The great part about these sorts of workouts? You already workout your arms while you’re working your chest, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus directly on them, simply that you will get results quicker if you add an arm workout into your weekly workout routine. Unfortunately, you don’t get quite as many benefits during an arm workout as other workouts as the biceps and triceps are much smaller muscles, leading to less metabolic benefits.

The most important thing to remember whenever doing an arm workout is if the workout isn’t hard, you aren’t going to see results. Repeatedly curling a five pound weight towards your chest isn’t going to get you the results you want unless you have virtually no arm strength to speak of in the beginning. You must vary the weight, keep your muscles on their toes.

You should also vary what sorts of exercises you’ll be doing. There are a few different types of curls that work your biceps, including barbell, hammer, incline, and cable. The triceps should also be worked. The triceps are much more receptive to extensions than curls, like overhead dumbbell extensions and cable pull-downs.

Want to know about the best routines to follow? You can always refer to the public posts as Mercurynews articles or certified trainers’ blogs to get world-famous ideas and exercise tips to start effectively. The more you research and try, the more variations you can explore to fit your body. 

With a little bit of effort one time a week, combined with the results from your other workouts, you’ll have lady guns in no time. Just make sure to vary your exercises and weights to keep your muscles interested and do both extensions and curls so that your biceps and your triceps will both be worked.