When it comes to the best exercises to lose weight it does not have to be like a nine to five job, it can be as simple as daily household chores or a simple walk. Let’s start off with the basics, something as basic like housework. They might burn off just a little bit of calories, but as a start it might be the best thing you can do. Let’s look at the best exercise to lose weight.

Best Exercises to lose weight accidently

Adding such activities as dusting, vacuuming or even washing the dishes can accelerate your metabolism and when you start to lose some weight you will look at housework as a workout instead of a chore. A good way to burn extra calories as you go is to pump up your favorite music and dance or exaggerate your movements, you will find that you will enjoy the music and at the same time the more movement the more calories that you burn at the same time.

When it comes to the best exercise to lose weight, one of the best exercises to start with and the best for you is walking; add some wrist or ankle weight exercises for extra benefit. . When it comes to this exercise it depends on how intense you are in doing it. It will burn more calories, if performed at a longer duration and at a greater level. At a brisk pace and at a longer duration walking will burn off a large amount of stored fat and a large amount of calories. The body is cunning though and it will easily adapt to the routine that you are doing and you stay at the same fitness level and not burn fat effectively.

What Are the Best Exercises To Lose Weight?

What needs to happen is that you should vary the routine for example walk at normal pace for 10 minutes then walk at a much quicker pace for the next 10 minutes repeat this through your walk. One of the best exercises to lose weight is to add a flight of steps into your routine and then quickly come back down them again and repeat.

This will explain why a good balance between the total calories lost and the percentage of fat burned should be the reason of choosing the best exercise weight program to fit your needs and to start with. If you are very overweight you may find that you get puffed after only 10 minutes, but hang in there each day you will add a further 5-10 minutes until you are doing a full 30-40 minutes without stopping.

When it comes to light jogging or even basic light aerobics they can be a very effective way of burning large amounts of total energy in one regimen. This kind of exercise might be too intense for the overweight or obese person and thus he or she might not be as accustomed to this type of exercise as the more fit of a class. But as I taught aqua aerobics I highly recommend you start your workout in the water as one of the best lose weight exercises as it it so versatile and your weightless in the water.

You will be surprised at how hard you workout in the water without any stress on your joints at all. As you get fitter you will add other flotation items to give you more resistance in the water and make you work a little harder. Or you can put on a flotation vest and run in deep water. As with the walking you can also vary your routine so you don’t get the adaptation from doing the same exercise over and over again. Given that water and walking are one of the best exercises to lose weight another one that would come close is bike riding purely again as it is non weight bearing.

Biking is a sport and an exercise. It can get you to the market or a friend’s house and also save you money in gasoline. You get fresh air and out of the house, and the cool breeze upon your face is not only refreshing but is also exhilarating. It is also a great way to increase your energy level and thus increase your ability to perform the other exercises that will increase your fat and caloric burning potential. Or again, stay in the deep end of the pool where you can cycle like mad and get the same exhilaration knowing that you did a good workout and get rewarded by feeling great! The secret is to start slowly and increase your distance and endurance in an incremental fashion.

Best exercises to lose weight are really any exercise that increases your heart rate and working in your target zone, the thing to do though is to work on duration and the intensity of your exercise to get the most out of it and lose weight.


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