A lot of people say that you should workout as soon as you wake up because you’re still fresh from a long night’s rest.Some suggest working out a bit later in the day once your body is fully awake.

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Actually, the best time for muscle gain workouts is entirely up to you. Everyone’s body clock works differently. Lots of early birds prefer training after they wake up, and others prefer to train in the evening.

The good news is that you should base your workout on your preferences. In fact, you can reap the maximum benefits from your muscle gain workouts by following your body clock and scheduling your workouts accordingly.

I like to train at around seven in the evening because I’m just not a morning person, and I find it very difficult to exert such a lot of effort early in the morning.

I become nauseated when I train too early, and I think my strength levels are higher in the evening than in the morning.

That’s just the way my body clock functions.

You might prefer to schedule your muscle gain workouts for the morning because you’re fresh after a good night’s sleep.

When you train doesn’t matter as long as you pay attention to pre- and post-workout nutrition.

This not only makes your muscle gain workouts successful but also enables your muscles to recover much quicker.

Your body is majorly stressed after muscle gain workouts, so you need to provide it with food and fluids that will enable it to recover.

You need to pay extra attention to what you eat during these three to four hours in order to capitalize on this window of opportunity and hasten the process of recovery.

Basically, it doesn’t matter when you schedule your muscle gain workouts as long as you have sufficient time after to focus on post-workout nutrition.

If you workout very late at night, you may not have an extra three to four hours in which you can eat and digest all the necessary foods before you go to bed.

So, to allow sufficient time for post-workout nutrition, there should be a gap between your workout and bedtime.

You need to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night, so it’s not a good idea to workout very late at night, no matter how active you feel then, unless you can also sleep in till late next morning.

Some people do their muscle gain workouts at 9 pm, head home to eat a small meal and drink some water, and then go to bed.

They’re doing the wrong thing.

To get the most from your muscle gain workouts, you need to eat a full meal, drink lots of water, and leave a gap of about three to four hours for proper post-workout nutrition.

When you dive into an eight hour fast soon after you workout, you’re only impeding your progress