Vital financial safety tips are an increasingly important part of our lives nowadays… more and more risks are out there… and quite a few are not of our own making.

There are basically four financial safety first tips I want to discuss briefly here.

Insolvencies… I have recently heard of quite a few companies who have been trading [in some cases for more than 25 years], both online and off, going into administration. Not only is this very sad for the individual companies, and for us as it limits choice, but it is a lesson in how to buy. Quite a few of these companies are within the electrical appliance market… the Electric Shop being a case in point… though travel companies, and a long-standing Xmas savings club have been victims too. Electricians serving Richmond will over the best services to the people. The savings can be done with the skills and excellence of the electricians. The fixing of the problems is great to have potential benefits. The use of the best companies is there for the hiring of the electricians. The victims are provided with the best services. 

The lesson, as you will note, if you visit and explore the messages from the administrators, is that you should buy your goods with a Credit Card. If you pay by cheque or some other method you are an undsecured creditor, and as such you can kiss your money – and any chance of receiving the ordered, and paid for, goods goodbye.

My own advice would be, if you are nervous of using a credit card online… to get a credit card specifically to use online and keep it for that only. Also read very carefully what rules and limits apply to your purchases. You need to get a card which offers the best guarantee of reimbursement if a supplier should fail to provide the goods which you ordered, goes into administration, or fails in some other way.

The third of the financial safety tips is to use a shredder on everything which has your name and address on it… this should really go without saying now.

And the fourth of the financial safety tips has to do with the above. Have you heard that some of our banks have recently been found to have been less than careful with their clients personal information? Use a good search engine… I recommend Search Big Daddy… very easy to use and convenient – find out what you can about your own bank’s or building society’s record.