What does bodybuilding have to do with obesity? Not much, but I think that one can definitely help the other. I myself love bodybuilding. It is a part of my life that has become as natural as reading or brushing my teeth. And although I’m not a Mr. Olympia winner, I take pride in my personal accomplishment as to how I look and how I feel about myself.

I feel that weight training and bodybuilding are among the most important things that one can do to improve their body, health and mind. Bodybuilding works wonders on the body and mind!

What You Should Know About Obesity.

Obesity is a major health problem in the country today and there doesn’t seem to be any slowdown in sight. All that one has to do is to look around in any public place and you can see that it is a real problem. Obesity can be linked to many other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes that can lead to liver, kidney and heart disease.

More than 60% of the people living in the US are suffering from obesity, and 30% are morbidly obese. Startling numbers indeed! In response to those statistics, many people trying to lose weight by diets, pills, you name it and someone is probably on it. Atkins Diet, South Beach, Low Carb, No Carb, High Protein, No Protein, the list goes on.

Do these diets work? I myself do not know… I’ve never tried them as my first line of defense is and always has been Bodybuilding.

In fact, I would suggest to anyone that is trying to lose weight by whatever means to at least incorporate some type of weight training/bodybuilding program.

Any bodybuilder will tell you that the key to building muscle and trimming the fat is in the diet and nutrition. Most bodybuilders make it a point to learn about nutrition and diet, and how their bodies react to proteins, carbs and fats. In short, they treat food as it is meant to be: fuel for the body.

Work the body hard, feed it the right foods and keep the proteins and carbs up and you build muscle. Very simple and effective. There is no starvation, no fasting and depravation. You eat to grow. And to me that is one of the great benefits of bodybuilding. You are never “hungry”, as you are constantly feeding the body, and the body is reacting in a positive way because of the bodybuilding and the lifting of iron!

A few of my friends that are on diets as read on Testogen reviews and trying to lose a few pounds are always telling me about how hungry they feel, how they have no energy, and always ask me for advice on “how can I lose my stomach bulge and put on some muscle like you?”

Testosterone is a chemical that is delivered essentially in the balls for men and the ovaries and adrenal organs for ladies. This chemical is fundamental to the advancement of male development and manly qualities. For ladies, testosterone comes in a lot more modest sums. Testosterone creation increments around multiple times more during immaturity and early adulthood.