Can burn fat build muscles at the same time? Sure you often get questions like this instead? But do you know what the answer? Or there is no answer to this question? Because of course you will get different answers when asked about it to anyone. Or even on the internet. Where in some sites there that said that you can build up a large amount of muscle while reducing fat. While at other sites there that said that you can not do it. Seeing this, so who is right?

Anyone know?

When you’re finding yourself stuck in a question like this, in fact it is tantamount to a balancing act to burn fat build muscles with Weight loss pills. Because what does not, if it all depends on what you want and what you do. As if you find someone who trained hard fatherly build muscle, then he consumes a nutritious food as fuel to build up their bodies. Meanwhile, if viewed logically that, how that person can burn fat if he always ate his food that much? Is not this really impossible?

So, what to do?

Yeah, actually all of this depends on you. Are you fat or thin?

If you are a person with excess weight, or you could say you are fat, where logically you must have a body fat percentage is much higher than 25%, then you can immediately do the fat loss program, adding exercise to build muscle at the same time. With the sense that you are still doing sports activities to build your muscles, but you have to stop at the right time to eat with a much smaller portion to burn fat build muscles.

Meanwhile, if you are born with a skinny body. Or you could say you have a body fat percentage is lower under the 10-to-15%. Then use the plan to gain muscle mass for 8-12 weeks. Then start using the plan to burn fat. So you can still keep your muscles and do not look fat. But if today you were born in the middle between the thin or fat, then you want to burn fat you also build muscle, then for the first thing you can do is build more muscle while accepting the fact that you’ll get some fat in the process of being progress. Then once you get a lot of muscle mass, you can go on a fat loss program to burn enough fat. So you will see six pack abs on your body.

Well, a few notes that you must take the burn fat build muscles is best to adjust your training schedule to deploy the new demands on your body, but more importantly, consume more calories in the process to support the new demands on your body. Because of course you will need extra calories every day to support the new growth on your physical. Also be strong. So you can build your muscles. These are all steps burn fat build muscles very easy, right?