There are tons of different places you can vape your MFLB, it is probably the most portable vaporizer out there. That is why everyone loves it so much and it has such a rabid fan base. People are always trying to one up each other and take their Launch Box to the next level. I have my own personal places I love to vape and if you are even in the area you should certainly check them out. If you have your own favorite spot and want to share it with other just leave it in the comments section below.

  • UW Campus:

This isn’t a particularly good picture of an otherwise very lovely campus but I wanted to show off my sweet “yoohoo” mod. I love just walking around between classes and vaping some weed in plain site. Now that its legal it’s not as much fun as it used to be but I still get a kick out of it. The University of Washington is located on the west side of the Lake Washington and is open to visitors.

  • Statue of Liberty:

Yes I actually have done it! I didn’t get a photo though, I was too busy enjoying the view. The scenery was lovely and it felt great to be vaping that high up in the air looking out over the ocean. I have traveled to variety of different places and my MFLB has come with me but this was far and away one of the best places I have vaped.

  • Chattahoochee River:

This is great time, if you have never been need to get your ass over there and rent a canoe. One of the most relaxing and fun adventures I have ever taken. Pro Tip: paddle up river first so you get the exercise out the way then when you have paddled as far as you can go break out the vape and beer and coast slowly back to where you started. You don’t want to be all stoned and drunk then have to paddle all the way back up the river at the end.

  • Grand Canyon:

I know it sounds obvious but it is a super cool place to get high and if you have a set of balls you will climb out onto the Skywalk and sneak rip like me and my friends did, be careful though there are always a lot of people around and you can get in trouble quick if you are messing around or acting suspicious. Other than that you should be fine though, we went at an off time and were able to vape in peace. The feeling you get in your stomach is pretty crazy, I felt like the weight of my body was so heavy and I was gonna fall right through the floor. I had to keep reminding myself there was no I could fall through, after that it was a blast.

In conclusion, it can be added that using too much vaporizers can adversely affect your health. In many countries the use of vaporizers is banned. However, people still buy it legally and illegally online. the dry herb vaporizer can be bought at good discount from a site that is legal with some good reviews.