These days, perfection is everything. Everywhere you look, it’s all about beauty. No longer do women have to look old, with advances in technology, cosmetic surgery has come a long way. No longer do women need to worry about medical mishaps like they did 30 years ago. New technologies and advances in medicine have made things much more comfortable. Even cosmetic surgery prices have come down.

Magazines and television have played a big role in the impression that young girls have today of women. What was once widely accepted as aging is no longer so. The idea that wrinkles and age lines are badges of courage is no longer true. Women are expected to look their best or be left behind. It’s true of jobs, relationships and just about anything in life, it seems.

The most common cosmetic surgeries are:

Liposuction- liposuction is the process of removing fat from the body. A small suction device is placed under the skin and fat cells are removed. Typically liposuction is performed on the thighs, rear end, upper arms and hips. This procedure typically costs approximately $2,500-$10,000, depending on how many areas are operated on at the time of surgery.

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  • Rhinoplasty

this procedure is usually referred to as a nose job. Surgeons remove parts of the nose to reduce the size or place implants in order to increase the size of the nose. This may include reducing the size of nostrils, also. This procedure generally costs approximately $5,000-$6,000.

  • Breast augmentation

this procedure can include a wide variety of changes made to the breast. Women with poor posture and small frames with large breasts often opt for breast reduction surgery. More commonly, breast augmentation refers to breast enlargement. This involves adding substance to the shape and size of the breast.

When women opt for either breast reduction or increase, typically the surgeon must move parts of the breast tissue to create a fluid, natural look. Women who have undergone surgery to remove all or part of a breast because of cancer or the risk of cancer routinely have breast augmentation to restore the breast that was removed. Depending on the actual procedure(s) completed, the price for breast augmentation can cost from $5,000-$10,000, including a breast lift.

  • Tummy tuck

in this surgery, fat and skin are removed from the abdominal region and the muscles in this region are tightened. Women who have had several children or abdominal surgeries tend to be the group that is most likely to have a tummy tuck. Men and women who have at one time in their lives been heavy and then lost a lot of weight often have excess skin hanging around their midsection. They too, often ask for tummy tucks. This surgery will run you about $6,000-$8,000.

  • Face lift

in this surgery, women have fat deposits removed from areas of their face and the muscles around the face are tightened. After the muscles are tightened, the skin is pulled tight and this gives the appearance that the skin is tighter and removes many wrinkles and creases in the face. Face lifts usually cost patients between $8,000-$9,000.

These are the top five most performed cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgery prices range based on the geographical area and each physician. Make sure to research information on any surgery you are considering and investigate the medical background of your physician as well.