You may have heard of Delta-9, Delta-8, and other cannabinoids and compounds, right? But, do you know about Delta-10 THC? Delta-10 THC is a synthetic isomer of THC, developed in the 1980s. The world of cannabis is not limited to only Delta-8, Delta-9 and Delta-10. But today we are going to talk about Delta-10 THC.

What is delta-10 THC?

Like Delta-8 and Delta-9, Delta-10 is their molecular siblings. On the other hand, it is not a stable compound in cannabis. Unlike Delta-8 and Delta-9, Delta-10 in cannabis appears in very low quantities. As a result, it is quite hectic task to deliberately extracting Delta-10 THC from hemp plants. It is because the process would require a lot of time and energy. It is the reason why the prices of CBD products that contain Delta-10 THC are usually higher. As the Delta-10 THC is an elusive molecule, scientists often make mistakes it for other compounds while performing the extraction process.

Does Delta-10 affect our body?

As we know that THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects, we can say that Delta-10, being a specific form of THC found in cannabis, has a psychoactive property. But, is Delta-10 more or less effective than Delta-8 and Delta-9? But a study found that the effect of Delta-10 is not as strong as that of Delta-9 THC. However, it is estimated that Delta-10 THC works like Delta-8 THC, but with much stronger and longer effect. So far, there is very little data on its effects on the body. Delta-10 can lift you up, but not as high as the Delta-9. Of these delta compounds, Delta-9 has the strongest effect on how we perceive pleasure, thought, coordination, and even memory. The Delta-10 is similar to the Delta-8, although the impact of the two is very different. 

Will delta-10 THC show up on a drug test?

Yes, absolutely. THC molecules are not drug test friendly. Unlike CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9 and Delta-10 will show up on a drug test. If you’re trying to stay clean for future testing, you’d better stay away from delta 10 products for at least 15 to 30 days. The theory is that it interacts in the same way as Delta-8 and Delta-9, which means that it can bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The presence of THC delta 10 can also promote the entourage effect. Another psychoactive effect is that your appetite is encouraged. However, it is always suggested to consult with a doctor before adding Delta-10 THC products to your daily menu. Use it only if you are over the age of 21. Now buy Delta 8 THC Carts online from genuine CBD products manufacturer. It should not be used if you have high blood pressure.

Is delta 10 THC legal?

Cannabis is illegal in many regions. But as long as cannabis is legal in an area, the delta-10 THC derived from cannabis is legal. If Delta-10 THC is extracted from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC, you can consume it. Delta-10 THC is used in the same way as any other cannabinoid. You can smoke it, vaporize it, use it as a tincture, take capsules or use the buds raw.