Student loans are a problematic situation, the need for education and its benefits must meet the expense of such. The value of an education can not be measured just by the monetary cost of such. No one can truly say we know the value of another life, and the effects of one’s life go far beyond the reach of this one. The infrastructure in our society has been built around many concepts, our strategy is to allow each individual the freedom to choose how to interact and respond to their community’s. Yet this same infrastructure does not indicate the right thing is being done. The problem is how the individual performs the actions to benefit life and what reactions this results returns. Adverse effect to the community can not be allowed by community control, yet personal interest in control of political groups can result in such actions not being noticed. This results in individuals lacking the funds to use in as they require, the community as a whole suffers because benefits are only achieved by those gaining public promotion.

This is the problem we find ourselves in, how to do the right thing, yet benefit from it as well. This is not just as individuals but as the whole of society. Personal interest of a few individuals allows only those individuals to gain. The results are less individuals are allowed the same advantages, they are held back to protect the few. This leads to an inadequate cost-benefit analysis of the expenses involved in accepting such. Education is meant to provide all with more means and resources, to extend the individual’s ability to do and operate within our society. But this comes with a large cost especially in today’s economic conditions. We present knowledge collected over many years by those individuals who came before us as the means of saying this is know. But to understand or gain access will require time, motivation, and the access to those who will guide us to such knowledge. The guide or teacher must also give up time and other resources must be used as well. We pay for the time others give us to perform the actions we require, but the students are not paid for their time.

Once out of college, where are the jobs? The economic theories state we need to receive compensation for the cost of producing a produce. The students have spent time and energy to prepare for the jobs they intend to do as a career. Yet when they seek such, the pay is rarely theirs to request being meet, instead it directed upon them by others. The cost of meeting the educational needs required than may not be what they are paid. So many have decided to take second jobs, or third, or fourth jobs. This indicates they are motivated to do what is required of them, but the compensation they are receiving just is not there. As seen by many senior citizens, these educational debits are going on far too long. The only relief‚Ķdoes not come. The need to adjust the economic system is imperative, but it must come from a community’s direction.

The individuals who are attempting to survive in this world are not asking for a free ride. Nor do they want to default on their obligations to the debits they have. Some licensed money lender is always available but the main question is, are people capable of paying their debt? Or do they have to work their butt off just to survive on a daily basis.  This only allows more people to become dependant on the need of future students to default. Their jobs and careers are based on the defaulting of others to continue, they seek then the political forces to continue directing the economic conditions towards more defaults. And more people become dependant on the needs of this infrastructure, for only so long as this continues does the monetary exchange continue.

But if the public majority in not being paid today, there are no funds to pay the cost our society has required of them. You can bail out all the people you want, but the money must still come from somewhere, and it is only sent if there is an expected return on this investment. If the majority is not allowed to gain, it has no funds to bailout others nor is there incentive to try. The results are long-term debits carried to the point of even lower economic conditions with fewer resources developed. Those not paying the lower society classes are not allowing a free economic exchange to develop. Instead they are replacing the economic stable economic conditions with those of personal interest for the industries they want and use to receive funds from. The few personal interest wanting to feed off the destruction of our society, seek instead of a community of individuals their needs supported by the community. Thus they are developing the culture the rest of society has decreed already should never exist, the loss of freedom and free economic exchange. We see the results of this every day, yet it has become so ingrained as culture we no longer notice. The same was once thought of as former slaves were treated by the residents living around them. Are we to reverse our standards and have slavery again? Following this leadership off the cliff and straight down to hell is not the way our founding fathers planned things.