It is highly common for both, girls and guys to break up with each other on spur of the moment without giving their relationship a second thought or a second chance, and think that things would never work between them. Then those same people later scream in their heads “I want my ex back now!” but at that point in time, there is no one to listen to them pleading and urging them to reunite with their ex. However, things have changed now. Hundreds of websites have been launched and thousands of articles have been written to tell you the reasons for breakups and tips for effective patch-ups. In this article, I will be sharing something different, which will make my article stand out from the rest of the clutter with link-up tips. The tips and smart tactics mentioned in this article offer a sure-shot way for you to get back and happily reunite with your ex in just a matter of few weeks. Isn’t that absolutely amazing? Read on for the mind-blowing tips.

Tip 1:

Follow the ‘no-contact rule absolutely thoroughly. As cliché as it may sound, adopting the no-contact rule and completely cutting off all communication with your ex right after a breakup is the best way to ensure and test the chances of you two getting back later. The main purpose of this rule is to give your ex all the space and time they need to rethink their decision and come back to you if they really miss you and regret breaking up with you.

Continuously talking to them and approaching them even after breaking up, will give them the hint of you being too eager, needy, and ‘desperate.’ Trust me; you don’t want to leave such an impression in your ex’s mind. Hence, not talking to your ex till they get back to you is the way to go, even though it may prove to be very difficult to control yourself from not talking to them and letting them go. You must stay patient by all means during that stage as the future will surely repay you with sweet fruits for your patience.

Tip 2:

It is time to meet up with your old folks and common friends. Utilize the time during your ‘no-contact stage to meet up with some common friends of you and your ex. By doing so, they will keep receiving updates of how you are doing and what you are up to. If they still like you and miss you, they will contact you and you two will get back eventually. Just make sure that whatever you do, does not appear too intentional as it may drive your ex away otherwise. Be subtle in every step you take and every tip you follow. Getting to know about how well you are doing without your ex will make them realize the terrible mistake they made by breaking up with you and will want to get back.

Tip 3:

Look your best and become the new ‘sexy’ babe/ jock in your block. If you want to get back with your ex, you will have to make them realize what they are missing after breaking up with you. Now is the time to invest in new clothes and a makeover to change your style and look completely. Become the person your ex fell in love within the first place. Look and feel sexy to make your ex jealous when you will become the topic of everyone’s discussion. Your ex won’t be able to resist you then for sure. For men, there are ​​Male Enhancement Pills they can try to get back with their exes if sexual incompatibility was the reason behind their breakup.

Tip 4:

Flirt away. Being single is the ultimate time to flirt with other guys and girls around you as you are not answerable to anyone at that moment. By flirting will others you will make your ex jealous and draw them closer to you if they still like you and have feelings for you.

These tips are the best way to get your ex to fall back in love with you and reunite with you as you want. The best part about these tips is that they are effective, quick, and time-saving. Try for yourself to find out and see how your ex will come flying back to you in no time!