Pokemon Go players will able to take a lot of Suicune as they will able to find in Raids. Suicune is considered as water-type pokemon that is making the grass weak using electric type attacks. It will able to resist the Ice, steel-type attacks, fire. Make sure that you are already avoid the using Pokemon that comes with those kinds of moves. It is highly recommended that a person should bring almost two friends in the battle because it is legendary raid that always require a lot of power.

Shiny Suicune is completely different from its original coloring. Regular Suicune is completely light blue & purple. Trainers must pay attention on the shiny symbol that will surely appear in the next to the name of Suicune. In order to know more regarding Suicune weakness & great counters in the pokemon Go then you should read following pargraphs carefully. 

  • Great Suicune Raid Boss Counters

A lot of people are already choosing water-type pokemon that are completely resistant to the Ice, Fire, Steel and other moves. They are taking double damage from Electric and Grass type moves. If possible then trainers must challenge the Suicune with electric and grass type attacks. Pokemon are already considered as risky choice. With the help of Pokemon Go spoofer, a person will able to spoof in Pokemon Go.

  •  Why Suicune is best

Suicune Is considered as legendary beasts that is available in the battle. It is little bit weaker against the Grass and Electric type but better against the fire, steel and ice. If you are looking for the powerful pokemon against the Suicune then you should opt for Whip/petal Blizzard moveset. Two types of great counters are out there that will cause the pain for Suicune-

  • Jolteon
  • Exeggutor
  • Asia Pacific region

As per professionals, Suicune is only available in the Asia pacific region. It will surely be available in the Europe, US, & Africa.  Before entering into the legendary raid, you should consider a right Pokemon by his great movesets. 

  • Pay attention on evolution path

Majority of the folks are already facing a lot of issues while making the mid-tier Pokemon. It is highly recommended that, a person should check the evolution path carefully. You will have to collect sinnoh stone to evolve them. 

  • Consider lucky eggs

There are some occasions when you will able to get the lucky egg. It will surely able to double the XP that you have earned for almost 30 minutes. You don’t have to drop the eggs randomly. Make sure that you are already using it for the maximum gain.

Moving Further, Pokemon go is associated with AR mode that is considered as fun because it will able to bring into the real life. This mode is using more battery and making the game little bit more difficult. Such mode isn’t working in the lower-power phones. Consider all the information which is listed in the above section so that you can easily automize everything.