One of the most common and widely known nootropics, caffeine, is a psychoactive substance. You can find it in many types of substances like coffee, guarana, medicines, and many more and; is consumed either in combination or separately. It positively attacks your brain, which makes you feel lesser exhausted by blocking the adenosine receptors. When consumed in a moderate amount, caffeine can freshen up you; and make you alert and attentive. It has been proved effective on those who feel fatigued at times.


Who doesn’t want triceps, biceps, abs, etc., in today’s world? Well, Creatine is one of the elements; that can help can an individual in muscle growth. It is also a nootropic since it provides profit for the brain. It is an amino acid that the body takes up to synthesize protein. The acid then enters the brain and combines with phosphate and, the brain, in no time, uses it as fuel for the cells. Studies show that a little amount of Creatine per day doesn’t negatively impact the body, but consumption in large quantities may worsen things. For people who are likely to be stressed or vegetarian, Creatine is more effective.


The nootropic; is found in tea and a few more substances. L-Theanine is an amino acid; that works as a nootropic, which helps one feel relaxed. It doesn’t cause any drowsiness while calming one down. The quantity of this acid in two cups of tea increases the creativity level by; increasing the brain’s alpha waves. It has been proven as a better supplement when consumed with caffeine, and, miraculously, they both are found in tea, so; consuming tea is a good practice.

Panax Ginseng

You must have heard of ginseng, which is used in many energy boosters, health tonics, and; in the composition of many products. It is a kind of root; that is consumed over decades for better functioning of the brain. Scientists state that the difficult-looking mathematics looks a lot simpler after taking a little Panax ginseng dose as it reduces brain to be fatigue. For longer nootropic effects, studies are still in process, but till that time, Panax ginseng has strong inflammatory effects, which helps in boosting up one’s brain functioning capability.


Commonly known as the reason to make cigarettes so addictive, nicotine is found in tobacco plants and is a chemical. It has many nootropic effects as it helps in being attentive and alert and is found beneficial, especially for those who cannot concentrate for long. Also, chewing nicotine helps in making writing better and maintains fluidity. It is also used in helping people quit smoking, but a heavy dosage of nicotine can worsen one’s health, and hence, it is not recommended or advised; what is the best nootropicthe best nootropic is L-theanine and Caffeine. The reason is that they are naturally found and are rich in sources. Tea is widely known all over the world. Other nootropic elements seem to have lots of drawbacks, which these substances have the least, in comparison.