With great workout comes great pain. But, of course, there’s good pain and there’s bad pain. And in order to have a successful workout regime it’s important to know the difference. But more importantly, it is important to know where the gym injuries stem from, so you can nip them, right in the bud. Read on to enlighten yourself about five of the most famous causes of gym injuries

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 Improper gear

This is the most basic and the most subtle culprit. Most people think it’s easy to overlook seemingly minor details like the kind of shoes or clothes they can wear to the gym. But, honestly, this is where it all begins. And if you do it wrong, this is where it will end too. Find the pair of gym shoes, which not only fit you perfectly, but also give the good amount of grip, whether it’s for the treadmill or the exi-cycle. The same goes for clothes. You can’t wear something that’s too itchy or clingy and has you tugging and struggling with it way more than necessary

 Improper technique

The most dangerous cause of gym injuries is lack of proper technique. This mostly arises from people not wanting to use a trainer or step-by-step guidance from an expert. What makes this kind of injuries even more fatal is that, since you tend to do it without guidance, you continue to work in ignorance and only add to the trouble. You might have started off with something as simple as abs crunches, yet the next thing you know you have a wrenched muscle or a torn connective tissue. Learn the finer nuances, the proper angling, the right pressure; it’s the little things that matter most

 Overdoing it

It’s way too easy to get carried away in the flow of things and workout, even beyond your threshold value. After all, there’s always that temptation of the perfectly toned body or washboard abs. But, health is not the price you should be willing to pay in exchange for that image you’ve got plastered all over your mind. The body needs a break. Plus, there’s only so much strain it can take before it starts working against you and everything you want. Overtraining will lead you to feeling perpetually exhausted, thus lowering your overall productivity by a great margin. Increasing the threshold is necessary, yes. But, take it slow, and more importantly, take it systematically

 No warm-up

This easily tops the list of ‘Most Easily Forgotten Gym Essentials’. A warm-up is the ideal way to let your body know about what is about to come. And it helps you avoid that nightmarish soreness you feel the next morning too. The ideal warm-up consists of an exercise or activity that’s high rep, low intensity and quick paced. Little or no warm-up will lead to a pulled muscle when you hit the equipment, or even worse injuries depending on the intensity of the workout

 Lack of focus

Focus is an absolute necessity in all things important, and workout isn’t too far in that regard. We know see a lot of people read, listen to music, gossip with the neighbor, yap on the phone, watch TV and whatnot, while they’re working out. When you’re multi-tasking, you’re putting less focus on the most important task at hand. This could lead to slower pace or worse, improper posture. This is like an open invitation to injuries. Look at the fittest people, they are known for their amazing focus and dedication. Find your Zen and stay in it