Many articles I read about weight loss are by folks who’ve never really had the problem. I’m writing from experience — I’m about half way to my weight loss goal, but I had to learn a lot to get here.

Chew Reflex:

It didn’t occur to me that I had this problem until your daughter got a horse. Horses have a reflex, a need to chew. It’s instinctive. When I heard that, I had a Eureka! moment. We humans do as well.


Keep sugar free chewing gum around, and when you feel a need to eat, see if it is more of a need to chew. My snacking dropped considerably with this approach. With the right approach, the resurge customer reviews will be beneficial for the customers to deal about the products. All the requirements will be fulfilled through the person within the budget. The reduction in the weight will be there as per the specification of the customers. The availability of the best products should be there for the consumers.


I’ve tried several. Mostly, those that I tried were of the “don’t eat and get a lot of exercise” variety. These do not work. They never have and they never will. Oh, you can do really well the first two weeks, but you are not burning fat. You’re burning muscle.


Think of your caloric intake and output like a bank. When you balance your “budget” at the end of the day, if your intake is ten to fifteen percent less than your outgo, you are on the right path.

Get Moving:

While it has more than four letters, a lot of us see exercise as a bad word. It doesn’t have to be. If it is, you aren’t doing the right kind for you. For a long time, my exercise was walking around the block. Mind you, it’s three quarters of a mile with hill work, but it was boring.


Choose three or four things you actually enjoy doing that gets your body moving. Go swimming; try a new hiking trail or even sign up for dance lessons. All of it is exercise and it all burns calories.

Hidden Calories:

They aren’t so much hidden — you can see them if you know where to look. The problem is that they are deceptive. As an example, a 20 oz bottle of regular soda pop lists nutrition information for one serving. Unless you look in the small print, you may not know that there are actually about 2 ½ servings in that bottle.


Study nutrition labels, particularly of packaged goods. You may have to weigh and measure to get the right portions, but it’s worth it.


Most diets frown on anything that tastes remotely good. As with exercise, eating the same foods gets very boring. I found myself falling off the wagon after four or five weeks of “good behavior.”


Have a treat now and then. Plan it into your diet, so that it doesn’t totally wreck your program, but don’t be afraid to have them. This will help stop the cravings, and may help you stick with your program.

There is one last, very important tip. Don’t try to set up a weight loss plan by yourself. Talk to your doctor, a nutritionist and perhaps a personal trainer. With a team backing you up, you can win the weight loss war.