A flat stomach is not only physically attractive but may also be an indicator of a good health. A flat belly reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, certain kinds of cancer, and diabetes. However, obtaining a flat stomach isn’t about crunches—it’s a bit challenging to spot-reduce trouble spots, and targeted exercises may not help you much trim your tummy. The best exercise for a flat tummy burns your stomach fats overall, though you need to accompany it with a few toning exercises to definite and sculpt the ab muscles once you’ve banished your belly. Here is an overview of a few exercises that will make you achieve a flat stomach at the comfort of your home.

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Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardiovascular exercises are vital to burning the fats that tends to accumulate in the belly area. Some of the poplar cardiovascular exercises that you can do at home include hiking, swimming, kickboxing, rowing, and trail running among others. To get better results aim for moderate to high intensity cardio exercises, as they will boost the fat burning process even more.


Once you are through with the cardio work, you can tone and tighten your abs to further enhance the flatness of your tummy. One of the best ways of doing this or toning your rectus abdominus is bicycle exercises.


Planks are a great total body toning exercise that not only flattens your abs but also strengthens your back, glutes and chest.

Stability Ball

Lying or sitting on the stability ball is great way to automatically engage your core muscles. While basic crunches may be ineffective, a crunch on the ball is ranked as the third best crunch exercise by ACE (American Council on Exercise).

Besides the highlighted flat stomach exercises, remember to get good sleep, drink a lot of water, keep junk and fast food out of your life, and eat more fruits and vegetables.