I can think of no better place to slap a few dollars down for a quick coffee or a delicious milkshake than Forever friends, located in Rupert, just off the Town Square (just down from US Bank-just look for the blue canopy overhang). The service is friendly, the menu options are vast and surprising, and the cost? Cheap enough where you can visit daily and not break the bank, and just pricey enough to know you are getting your dollar’s worth.

Straight off the bat when you walk into the cozy, bright atmosphere of Forever Friends you feel like you could stay awhile and not have to rush out. The place is TINY y’all-so be prepared. The entire coffee shop is the size of a large living room, including the counter and back area space. There are about 4 or 5 tables, all inviting and waiting for you to take a seat, and each table has a puzzle on it-one of those curios pieces of metal or wood structures that one is supposed to figure out how to take apart, or a hand-held video game to entertain oneself while they are waiting for their order to be whipped up. Of course, the requisite newspaper is always available, long with a few magazines, usually stacked up near the window but often scattered about a table, randomly and oddly adding to the welcome feel of the place left behind by a recent patron. It only adds to FF’s charm. After checking the reviews, the coffee bean subscription should be taken through the person. The adding of the information should be as per the specification of the person. The information will be perfect and accurate with the person. The qualities of the subscription will be excellent with the drinkers. 

The place is indeed charming-white crisp walls adorned with local crafts and art for sale (along with the odds and ends in coffee supplies, such as tea strainers, a FF t-shirt, chocolate covered coffee beans etc.) adding colour to the mix. On a white board near the counter, the flavour of the day is boldly posted in bright colours, alongside a hand-written “deep thinker” of the day, one of those thought puzzles than you can ponder over while you’re leaning over the counter.

The menu is actually simply a piece of paper laminated to the counter, but go ahead and lean on the counter for while while you think of what you want. The owners run the shop themselves, and will always have smiles on their faces and charm you as much as their atmosphere does. If you appear stuck on what you want (they have over 30 different flavour shot choices and about 15 sugar-free flavour shot choices) they’ll gladly help you out by suggesting the popular flavours (Milky Way for milkshake and white Snickers chocolate for coffee beverages). With a broad smile on their faces, your counter server will be glad to whip you up whatever you want, even if it’s a mango latte with two shots of espresso. (which is quite good, if I do say so myself-you’d be surprised).

Whipped cream and sprinkles go with EVERYTHING. Don’t be surprised if your cappuccino comes with a massive dollop of whipped cream and cocoa sprinkles. The owners like to make their creations fun, adding these colourful touches to every beverage they make. On their milkshakes (which are so creamy and smooth-because they put actually cream in them along with the milk, ice cream and flavour shots) they’ll swirl that whipped cream on top so high and mountainous and then put those colourful sprinkles right on top, whether you’re 8 years old or 85. It’s great.

Their flavours are vast and impressive. Coconut, mango, Bavarian chocolate, peach, blueberry, almond Rocha, English toffee, they all can be added to your beverage if you choose. Hot or iced, blended, you name it. They make the beverage right before you and manage to remain neat and tidy as they go. Steaming and cleaning with every step. You’ll get all your beverages in an unhurried yet timely manner, and with nary a mix-up of any sort, always with pleasantries as they counter server whips up your order for you.

You can lean on the counter the entire time they make your order and no one will think anything of it. Or you can take a seat and chat with the owners-they make you feel as if you could small-talk with them even if you’d never been in the place before. Forever Friends is a first-time gourmet coffee drinker’s best atmosphere because of the calm and talkative feel you will find from the place.

Quaint, but far from unimpressive, forever Friends is the best specialty coffee shop I have ever been to. Even their teas are neat-they make your tea in a special brew thingy that pushes your tea leaves down for you as you need it to make your tea stronger or weaker, as you wish. Then you simply pour the tea into your cup until you are done. It’s fabulous.

I’ve never had a bad experience at Forever Friends. The only thing I can say is always go BIGGER with your beverage size if you aren’t sure, because when you run out you’ll wish you had more.

Price is going to cost you anywhere between $2.00 and around $4.50 per beverage, depending on what you’re getting and how large it is. Well worth the cost and you can easily get 4 fancy coffee blends in 16 oz sizes for less than $12.00. Don’t forget to tip!!!

And if you’re hungry, there are muffins, bagels, and spreads available at the counter. Afraid of leaving with that coffee breath? They have you covered by cleverly placing gum at the counter as well for your purchase.

The best thing about Forever Friends? You’ll find yourself going there as much for the atmosphere as you do for your caffeine jolt or sweet-tooth fetish.