Rice is one of the staples and is enjoyed by almost every culture and population. Rice is also a very versatile food type as it can be made in several ways. But, cooking rice is something that not everyone can ace is a single get-go. To make rice making easier and perfect, one chooses the right rice cooker.

However, among rice cookers, there are several types and varieties. One of the most popular among them is the Japanese rice cookers. These cookers have perfect features that help in cooking rice to perfection.

There are many varieties in Japanese cookers itself, and those from other countries may find it difficult to pick the right one. One can learn more about these rice cookers from https://cozyhousetoday.com/best-japanese-rice-cooker-reviews/. That is why it is very crucial to take into consideration a few features and factors before buying.

Types of rice cooker

When it comes to Japanese rice cookers, there are different types based on technological advancements. One can find conventional pots that are just like basic pots to cook rice in. But, there are also smart rice cookers. These cookers have preset options and sensors inbuilt into it. Sensors detected when rice is cooked evenly and it automatically switches off the cooker. Other than this, there are multi-use pots as well, which allows cooking rice as well as steaming vegetables or slow-roasting meat.

Preset settings and options

One of the most basic features that should be checked in a Japanese rice cooker is the preset settings. These options are helpful when one wants to spend less time calculating the time, temperature, etc. to make rice. These present option will allow to cook different rice types and will allow help in reaching the right softness and graininess.


One should think of the amount of rice that needs to cook in a single meal, and then decide a capacity. Make sure to take into consideration the fact that rice when cooked increases in amount. This way one will end buying the right capacity.

Lid style

Check the type of lid the rice cooker has. Like whether it is one side detachable or completely detachable so that it can be easy to clean. Also check what material it is made up of, glass, plastic or stainless steel.

Non-stick pot

Rice when overcooked can be quite difficult to clean. That is why one must pick a model that has a nonstick inner pot. This way rice will not stick to the pot. Hwiverer, make sure that the pot has a durable nonstick covering and nothing harmless.  Always read proper reviews from https://cozyhousetoday.com/best-japanese-rice-cooker-reviews/ before buying. 

Cooking method

Now, rice cookers can have a different cooking method. One can find rice cookers with a pressure cooker heating system, induction system, and heating coil system. The heating coil cookers are least expensive but they are also the reason for overcooked and unevenly cooked rice. But the induction system and pressure cooking systems, make sure that the rice gets cooked evenly from all sides. This way it soft get firm. 

Final words

Cooking rice used to be a difficult task in the past days, but now, with the help of rice cookers, it has become much easier. One can simply add water, rice, and set the temperature and time. And, if it is automatic, then setting time and temperature is also not required. One can simply buy the best rice cookers, keeping mind crucial points like maintenance, capacity, ease of use, etc.