Extracted from the cannabis plant CBD oil is unlike other cannabinoids that do not produce any euphoric high in the person and do not affect the receptors. With varying CBD amounts, a vast variety of CBD products are available to suit different needs.

As proven by some researches CBD oil can help treat pain and other conditions.

One of the leading causes of disabilities is Arthritis which is found in two forms – rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation suggests that people with arthritis using CBD report noticeable relief in the pain. CBD also aids in the improvement of sleep and the reduction of anxiety and stress.

However, there aren’t any rigorous researches or clinical studies to prove CBD as a certain cure or aid for humans suffering from arthritis. CBD is only proven to provide some relief with pain and inflammation in animals. Humans still do try attempting to use it as a remedial method to help with their pain.

CBD is also available in the form of gummies and these CBD gummies are used as pain relief in initial stages as it is premeasured and accurate doses can be served through this conveniently. These are also available in small doses which can be used in the beginning to test the efficiency and can be built on gradually as per its suitability to the body. These gummies can, however, take a few hours to work towards relieving the pain to their full potential. Immediate pain relief isn’t provided but the effects can be sustained till 4-6 hours.

Working through the endocannabinoid system, CBD acts on the active receptors in the multiple areas of the brain and spinal cord and restricts the transmission of pain signals. The stimulation of certain receptors of the body helps in producing peripheral pain relief in the body.

Experiments on rats have also shown a reduction of inflammation and hypersensitivity caused by arthritis in rats by the application of CBD gel. CBD in form of oral use also showed pain and inflammation relaxation in the rat study. The prolonged use of CBD can also lead to a gradual improvement in the symptoms and the prevention of joint cartilage breakdown over a period of time. However, the lack of researches and experiments on humans for the same makes it difficult to present any proof of the reliability of the positive effects and improvements in patients with arthritis with the use of CBD.

Medical researches and experiments have been successful in proving the positive effects of CBD gels, oils, and gummies on animals, and hence these can be used in the treatment of arthritis for them. The industry of CBD products is growing with time and hence it also possible to find CBD capsules, gels, and oils that help in pain relief for humans encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

For trying CBD products for arthritis, the quality and dosage of the supplies being used must be checked and regulated by the doctor. A professional consultation with the doctor is necessary before one considers using CBD to help in their condition. Proper consultation with doctors and checking compatibility of the CBD products used with other drugs that are consumed for the treatment can help in producing the best results. Useful articles on Dmagazine can be referred to know more about the different CBD products with accurate dosage and helpful ingredients.

If properly checked and approved by the doctor CBD can be considered and used to aid the pain and inflammation in the condition of inappropriate quality and accurate dosage. Since CBD has already been proven helpful in animals it can be used for the treatment of pets with arthritis as well.

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