As a dog owner chances are you’re going to, or already have had to deal with dog diarrhea. Dogs have pretty tough digestive systems that allow them to eat all kinds of things such as raw meat that’s fairly past its recommended consumption date and things that would make us gag if we smelled it.

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They will eat and sniff whatever they can off the ground, they will even eat other dogs poop and their vomit. Dogs are not particularly picky when it comes to eating things. They can continue to eat stuff like this and for the most part be fine, but every once in a while something just doesn’t settle, much like what happens to us people and you will walk into a room and see that your dog has had an accident in the house.

Obviously this is something you want to fix as fast as possible because 1) you love your dog and you don’t want them to feel sick. 2) you also don’t want to have to keep cleaning up your dogs diarrhea and deal with the mess and smell. For that here are some things that is recommended among that holistic vet community to help get rid of diarrhea.

Keep in mind that this is more for temporary cases of diarrhea, not server chronic diarrhea. In which you should contact your vet immediately.

Try The Potato Diet

Peel 50% peeled white and sweet potatoes and a slice of a turnip and bring them to a boil until fully cooked. Mix them with boild chicken or lamb for flavor let sit and cool and then give to you dog. Normally just a couple of meals like this will stop diarrhea pretty quickly.

Slippery Elm

This is really good for an upset stomach. Take 1 tsp of the powdered herb per 20lbs body weight to your dog about 4-5 times a day. Just mix the herb with some water and feed it though a liquid dropper.

You can also add “bulk” to your dogs food if they have more of a loose stole rather than diarrhea. Take a table spoon of pumpkin and add it to your dogs food. This will help their stool solidify a bit more and stop the loose stool.