One beauty task that women wrestle with is taming their eyebrows. This usually involves pulling out the trusty tweezers and undergoing the painful task of pulling out the stray hairs while trying to give a pleasing shape and arch to the brows. Unfortunately, once you get started, it’s easy to become too overzealous. The result? Overplucked eyebrows that are uneven and poorly shaped. Is there a way to prevent this unsightly problem? Here are some tips for preventing and dealing with overplucked eyebrows:

Overplucked eyebrows emergency tips

If you’ve been too aggressive with the tweezers and are now faced with nonexistent eyebrows, it’s time to do some corrective work. Choose an eyeliner pencil in a shade that’s a shade lighter than your hair color and lightly fill in the overplucked areas with color. After using the pencil, fill in any gaps with a light application of brow powder. This will help to cosmetically correct the problem until new eyebrows grow back in which can take up to 6 weeks. One reason to get out of the habit of overplucking eyebrows is that if overplucked for long periods of time, the hairs may not grow back.

How to prevent overplucking

Once your overplucked eyebrows have grown back in, you’ll want to take steps to prevent future eyebrow emergencies. If you’re unsure about which hairs to pluck, you may want to get a professional eyebrow consult at a hair salon or health spa. Once a professional has created a pleasing brow shape to serve as a blueprint, it’s much simpler to pluck any stray hairs that grow back in.

Another option for do-it-yourself eyebrow plucking is to use an eyebrow stencil. Simply place the brow stencil over your eyebrow and press it on. The hairs that show through the stencil should be left in place. The stray hairs that don’t show up in the stencil can be plucked. Besides providing a blueprint for creating a pleasing brow line, an eyebrow stencil helps to prevent unevenly plucked eyebrows. It can also be used as a guide as to where to fill in overplucked eyebrows. Eyebrow stencil can be purchased at some drugstores and online.

But if you think your hands cant handle it or cant have it done for you, one of the best options is to see a professional. Entrusting your eyebrows to someone who has the expertise and skills in doing it the right way will make you feel more comfortable. You also don’t have to worry and stress yourself from doing it on your own. Microblading Brooklyn salon can help you out.

Additional pointers

Keep in mind that overplucked eyebrows can look harsh and artificial. A fuller, more natural eyebrow is usually more attractive for framing the eyes and face. Try to tame your tendency to be too aggressive with the tweezers, keeping in mind that eyebrows take up to a month and a half to regrow and six weeks can seem like a very long time when you’re trying to do emergency work on brows that were overplucked. Less is sometimes more, at least when it comes to plucking eyebrows.