How to get rid of mice is a question of paramount importance for human race as mice pose a great threat being carrier of diseases…

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It is a great entertainment to watch ‘Stuart Little’ movie on big screen! All these movie mice are nice, funny, animated furry creatures. But when these rodents start living in your very own house, they create greatest headache and havoc. When these small animals start nibbling cardboard boxes containing food grains, sweets, or any kind of food stuffs they become the cause of infection, disease. As there drooping may carry viruses and bacteria they become potential carriers of various diseases like Plague.

If you are suffering from the onslaught of these creatures and want to get rid of them then you must know their anatomy, their food, their habitat. This may sound you as never ending battle but you should keep patience. The task may seem difficult but not impossible. There is an adage saying “if you notice one mouse then there will be ten mice behind it hiding in the dark”. The mouse is a small, slender animal having comparatively large ears, pointed nose with a long tail. The fur color has lot of variations in brown to light gray colors.

Diet and Habitat

Mice eat almost everything, from seeds to grains and any sweet food stuff. They meet their requirement of water intake through food stuffs only so require a very small amount of additional water to survive. Their habitat is quite large and can consume around 17% of their total body weight in a single day. They make their nests at crawl spaces, in ceilings, in basements, under upholstery, under the major appliances, weeds and their complete life cycle is generally spent in the same house they born. Mice attain sexual maturity within only 2 months and a pair of fully matured mice can reproduce 50 to 60 pups in a single year. Because of such high reproduction rate they out number other species on this earth so easily.


To get rid of mice, after understanding the biology, diet and habitat, you have to look for the possible places of their nests. These animals are characterized by their musky odor. You have to look for their drooping (feces) as these are proved good indicators of their habitat. Mice nests, often made up of soft fibrous materials can be located if inspected carefully.


Before getting rid of mice, you have to take preventive measures to discard their entry in to the house from outside.

  • Discard all the openings present in the house through which mice can make their entry.
  • Seal all the openings in foundation, basement, vents and pipes carefully.
  • A careful attention is needed to check the tightening of all door and window shutters.
  • All the food stuff in the house should be stored in plastic, glass or metal containers having air tight facilities. Here you have to note that cardboard boxes are not of any use as there nibbling activities can overcome such boxes.
  • The floors should be broomed and cleaned thoroughly to clear all flakes, small amounts of grains from it.

Controlling measures

Today there are various modus operandi to eradicate this menace. All these methods to get rid of mice are basically classified in to two types:

  • Live Removal Method
  • a) Electronic Pests Repeller is an instrument which emits high pitched sound waves. By installing this instrument whenever emission gets started, rodents start avoiding this which results in to their removal from house. But this is a very short term solution as probability of returning back is more in this case.
  • b) Live Traps – this method is most commonly used to get rid of mice. There are numerous designs varying from single catcher to multi catcher available in the market. You have to keep fresh baits like peanut, bread, etc. this is also most safe and economical method.
  • c) Glue boards are available easily in market and have to be placed between the tracts of mice.
  • By Kill Method
  • a) In this method sometimes traps are used with poisonous baits. Poison may seem the easiest way to kill the mice but you have to be very careful while planting these baits that children or pets should not have access to these

  • b) By mixing chocolate powder with cement
  • c) By mixing any food stuff with borax powder. Borax being a poisonous kills them.
  • d) Induce instant potato as baits as they require much more water to consume and this process can lead to their death.
  • e) Cats: Our feline friends have been kept since ages with the sole purpose of hunting them!

Experiences and studies have shown that different population of mice has varied affinity towards particular food stuff. So, this is going to be ‘trial and error’ method. So if your bait is not working then switch over to other methods.