In this modern era, digital marketing is gaining a lot of importance, which is very much helpful for business. In this, people are opting for the explainer video. This is the short marketing videos with which the company can explain about its products and services that they are offering. This is the best way that a company uses for its promotion and advertising their product.

There are various types of explainer video which you can see it here and can choose according to your preference. Here are certain types such as live-action explainer videos, animated explainer videos, and whiteboard video, and a person must select by knowing each aspect of each video. If you are very new to making such a video, then here are the various ste4ps that will help you make a perfect one.

  1. Note down the script of the video: 

it is an essential element in setting up the video, and this will help to know the elements which are essential to include in making the video. A person can add on various points, which will make the video more exciting and enhancing.

The script is the most important part where there is a need to spend nad to do more focus because the whole video depends on such factors. Know about the target audience and accordingly write the things that can influence them.

  1. Find the voice covers: 

as you are the path and decided with the script, now there is a turn to choose the voice cover who will decide to bring on the video for you. one can find many ways to choose the person who will bring the best voice and expression that can help to promote the product.

Know for various persons and get on the right who will charge a certain amount and To find the appropriate one and who charges the right price.

  1. Making of the video: 

with this now, there are various paths when there is a need to produce and create the video. It’s important to know each aspect of making the video. Various production companies try to opt for the most professional one who will help promote the product, and people will love to buy and seek it.

But it becomes important to check for the price as you are going to pay for it, and the advantage is that one will get the professional service.

  1. Choose the music and decide to put various effects:

 when you have decided on the script and with that the person and the production team, now the main work is that choose the right song which will suit the explainer video that will lead to bringing the impressing video.

There are many options available for it, so choose it wisely as the product’s sale depends on such kind of amazing video.

  1. Try to find the video’s performance:

another and the least important things are that it checks for the performance of the explainer video that you have made. Various analytical tools will help to learn about the various sides of the video.

Here are the examples of best explainer videos 

  • Dollar Shave Club 

is included in the best of the explainer video. The effects that they are using are amazing, and with this, it is a well-structured video and giving the right explanation of the service that the company is offering.

  • PooPourri 

is another example that matches the humor of the explainer, its effects, and the audio that they have used to adequately explain the essence of the video.

  • Mint

 is the most suitable example which will help to tell about the animation video and how it must be constructed.

  • Airbnb 

is the most appropriate combination of live actions, and the animations effects bring the best one.

  • Spotify 

is based on the fun elements which seek the interest of the public in a very reliable way. It is the coolest match, which brings in the explainer’s video.


 Here is the detail of the explainer’s video, with which one can become perfect in making such a video. So with these steps and with such amazing examples, one can take an idea for making the explainers video, and surely a person will get on the right track on bringing the best video.