There are tons of cosmetic procedures available that cater to one’s need for achieving attractive eyebrows. Thick, lustrous brows are a wonder to the eye. There are ways to achieve thicker lashes and brows with a cosmetic technique known as microblading.

Also known as ‘’eye tattooing’’, microblading is a semi-permanent, painless procedure that aims to draw thick hair-lines in your brow area. It is completely safe to opt for this process, as certified doctors help you achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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How long does it take to do microblading?

Microblading is a simple cosmetic process. There is nothing too complicated attached to it. Doctors will educate you about the process to help you heal fast. To start microblading, doctors use a numbing ointment on your skin first and proceed with the treatment. Once done, a specific post-treatment plan needs to be strictly adopted to soothe your skin.

It is normal to experience slight itching at the beginning of microblading. However, if the itching continues, let your doctor know about it. It hardly takes 40 minutes to complete microblading. The time duration can change as per the eyebrow thickness desired.

How long does microblading last?

Although the results of microblading are better than other cosmetic options to grow thicker eyebrows, it is important to understand the total timeline of the same? Will it last more than a year?

Microblading generally lasts for two to three years. The individual’s skin plays an important role, as the extension lasts less for sensitive and oily skin. Just like normal skin tattooing, ink is injected onto your brows. This ink starts to dissolve with time. Therefore, you might have to repeat the procedure once your eyebrows start coming back to normal.

It is advised to talk to your doctor regarding the total timeline of microblading. If proper care isn’t taken, the overall time can decrease. Therefore, it all depends on your care once the microblading procedure is completed.

Note that microblading doesn’t give permanent results. Permanent thick eyebrows via microblading aren’t possible. Therefore, educate yourself about the procedure and act accordingly. You can always go for another round of microblading on your doctor’s advice only!

Is microblading worth it?

Microblading is worth it. Even if you may have to repeat the procedure, you will get fuller and thicker brows for at least two years. Microblading uplifts the shape of your brows. Hence, it is completely safe to go for this procedure if you are eager to get thick brows.

Although you may have to spend a lot of cash for this procedure, the results are visible once you are done with the treatment. Therefore, find your nearest microblading clinic and book your session today!