What is Look Twice? It is a series of articles created to answer the question: How would the interpretation of the Tarot cards change if they were in a different position in the spread? It is simple question that has a large impact on Tarot readings!

The online tarot card reading will provide justice to the people. Learning about the different positions is essential to have the desired results. A change in the future is possible for the people. A large impact on the future is possible for the people. A pleasant experience is available to the people. 

The cards in this Look Twice feature are from The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell. You can see these cards in action in their New Deck Interview spread. A little explanation is required to understand these images. The circles correspond to each Tarot card’s elemental alignment. Justice and the Knight of Swords belong to Air. The Ace of Pentacles from the Earth. That leaves the Two of Cups which holds Water. Air elements are gray circles; Water is blue and Earth is green.

What is it you notice about the above Tarot spread? Is it inviting, or does it intimidate you? Are you reading it from the top left across and then down, or in some other way? Experiment with reading the cards in different ways. Read them diagonally. What do they say now? What draws your focus immediately? What is this spread telling you? Pause for a minute before interpreting to look at the Tarot cards. What do you see? What is missing? Be very observant! What patterns are there present, or absent from, the cards?

Now, what do you notice at first glance? What makes it different from the first Tarot spread? How are the two spreads similar? How does this spread make you feel? What is the message of the cards now? How does the new information compare? How do the patterns differ from the first Tarot spread? How are they alike?

Feel free to record any other questions you may have about these spreads. Asking yourself questions about the Tarot cards is an excellent first step to take! have fun with this little exercise. Best of luck as you develop your Tarot skills!