Collaborating towards sustainability 

Sustainability is one of the core concepts that is hitting the world these days. There is too much biodegradable waste around and it is causing a great load for the earth to process. Therefore, people are looking at solutions that do not work only once but also a lifetime. One of the similar options is being looked at in the field of fashion.

In the world of looks-consciousness, it would often be a challenge to own anything that appeals to the eyes. Therefore, one has to think of ways to make ethical fashion choices and reduce the burden of wastage. Read on to find more about it, including the concept of a bandage maxi dress

Understanding the gravity

When it comes to the fashion industry, people are hardly aware of the resources given in input and the number of wastes generated in output. The following points mention in detail:

  • Almost all of the clothes produced and shopped online or offline tend to end up in landfills within the next 2 years of purchase. 
  • Hardly 1% of the clothes purchased end up for recycled purposes and the rest of it, even if donated for noble causes, are hardly considered by the next generation.
  • 79 trillion litres of water is used in making the fabric and then 92 million tonnes of wastes are generated.
  • Unsafe working conditions are found in the garment industry. 

All of such points make it ponder towards the need of having ethical and sustainable fashion choices. The concepts like recycled bandage maxi dress speak a lot.

The tips

The following are some of the classy tips that need to be followed to make the best fashion choice and not add up to the burden of biodegradable wastes on earth:

  • Change the mindset of thinking of your clothes as disposables. Even if the fabric has a particular lifespan, use it to think of innovative concepts, like decorative pieces, a donation to the poor, and various such ideas that ensure that it does not go into the bins as wastage.
  • Promote going for the shopping of second-hand clothes or local brands. Thus, you would be supporting the causes of environment-friendly choices and aid in promoting the local businesses and allowing them to survive amidst the tough competition created by MNCs. In return, you would get the chance to own some of the classy and designed fabrics.

  • Revamp the idea of clothing in your closet by thinking of ways to alter the existing condition of fabric into something that would look classy and maintain the integrity of the base material. Many DIY videos are up online to help and support the cause.
  • Keep in mind the composition of the clothes when you are buying something. For example, organic cotton is much better than the synthetic fabric used and can help in reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Earth. 
  • Look out for companies that have exchange policies of old clothes in return for lending the help to generate value out of them. 

All in one, do not think of clothes as wastage and rather turn them into assets generating values.