Are you a regular online gamer? Do you love to play strategy games regularly? Lords Mobile is the game you should play. You will get the taste of ruling a kingdom, defeating your enemy and even control your troops to win over the enemies. You can become the king of an imaginary kingdom playing this game.

But as the game is full of strategy, how much you can succeed will depend on the extent to which you get to understand the game. You will get to learn the game from the game itself once you start to play. They will guide you with suggestions and lead you to the upper levels.

Tips to follow to outshine the enemies in the game

Every game has its own rules to follow the levels up. You will have to outshine the enemies, as this is the only way you can go ahead to win the game and retain your kingdom. There are some tips that you should follow in the game, as suggested by the experts.

  • Understand the skill tree first to keep your enemies behind in the game of lords mobile. As the game prioritizes the conquest section, you must play to gain more troop and more resources to conclude sooner than your competitors. Now the game makes the skill tree prosper as the level increases with every level in the game. The more your requirement rise, the more complex to conquer them begins.
  • You must realise that you have to expand your kingdom to get more success in a shorter period in the game. You have to concentrate ongaining more than 30 cities in the first stage. This will add more gold and more troops in your possession. You get the cities and power, goes up the level and then now you just have to fight the battle with a proper strategy to earn the win you deserve over your enemy.
  • Don’t stick with the amount of gold you have already earned. Understand the process that more city means, production of gold increases too. On the other hand, you can only reach the cities by using golds. So, make use of them and get to process more every time you capture a city in the game. Upgrade the towns you have with the gold in your possession. You will earn more eventually.
  • Temples are another vital aspect of the game lords mobile. Every temple allows you to boost the skill tree that already exists in the game. The more you can enable it, the more helpful it will become. So, whenever you are on a battle, and you have seen some temple nearby, don’t hesitate to capture it. It will help you in the game.
  • You must know that your first captured city cannot be attacked. So, keep your troop in the city to avoid unnecessary casualties. The more army you can save, the more benefit you will earn.
  • Investigate a city from an army perspective before attacking them. Maybe your army is powerful, and you can defend. But still, scout the enemy troop and get details of their position and make sure you get the necessary information before to avoid loss.
  • Use your army in divided form. Make your troop split and they will make the movement to conquer the city faster than attacking from one side.
  • The items are easy to add and remove. So, use your tricks and plans to add things as per your requirement. Don’t overload your bag with unnecessary items.
  • You can get XP points for quick up-gradation by attacking powerful or higher-level opponent. If you win, you will get lots of benefits.
  • If you need to add a social feature in your game, you can join a clan and make the game more exciting and competitive from both ends.

You can’t have such detail war game in recent times other than Lords Mobile. Enjoy playing the game with your friends.