To continue to build muscle mass a great muscle-building food is milk. This website will tell you all about some of the most successful bodybuilders in the world who keep milk as a staple within their muscle-building routines.

So let’s talk about all the benefits of milk


You literally have access to milk everywhere you go. Also can ingest it many different ways and still get the muscle-building proteins within.

But now let’s talk PROTEIN! I personally could drink a gallon of milk in one sitting with no problem but the thing I love about milk is that you get a significant amount of protein per serving. There are two types of proteins inside of milk Casein & whey. Whey’s the most bio-available protein in the world. The speed at which it gets the much-needed amino for recovery is unparalleled. Now casein works in a whole different method Casein works much slower and provides other essential amino acids to help broaden your amino acid pool.

Having both whey and casein working together within every serving of milk gives you the best muscle-building environment. Ok but let’s further break down how this works. Casein actually influences the whey to work slower which creates an even better absorption rate. This means the whey’s overall benefits stay active in the bloodstream longer.


Nutrition experts agree that the best combination for bulking up is 50% carbs 35 % protein and 15% fats. Ironically milk fits that criteria almost exactly. It’s funny that the map’s powders cost an arm & a leg but supply the same nutritional value as semi-skimmed milk.


Minerals are important to any athlete but the three most important are zinc, iron, and calcium. Guess what! Milk has plenty of calcium. Now we all are familiar with the benefits of milk when it comes to strong bones. But people need to realize that it plays a more than critical role in performance. How? well without calcium you can’t relax your muscles if you can’t rest or relax your muscles this leads to less energy and less energy means poor muscle contractions which means no growth. Simple huh!

Now that we know milk is one of the best foods for muscle building what kind of milk is best? Semi-skimmed or 2% milk is overall the best but if you need a major size then whole milk will be fine. But people need to stay away from UHT milk the high-temperature process kills all the nutrients within and whatever is left is rated less than bio-available.