Gaithersburg, MD (PRLEAK) – People suffering from back pain have always looked for alternative cures, with the Healthy Back Institute pioneering the way with their “Lose the Back Pain” System. However, the back pain clinic now offers a number of alternative cures with its new line of products. Included in the line products to be released over the next six months are a number of treatment methods. These products will include instructions on how to treat pain associated with the neck, keens, feet, and shoulders.

CBD cream for back pain is removed with the following of the instructions. The carrying of the procedure is with the skills and expertise of the professionals. The pain from the neck and back is removed with the application of the cream at the right body parts.

According to Jesse Cannone, owner of The Healthy Back Institute, it is their unique line of effective products that sets them apart from the rest, which are not likely to be found elsewhere. The institute’s website also offers comprehensive information on various types of back pain, which cannot be found on traditional websites. The objective of the website is to keep people well informed of the latest technologies and products designed to reduce pain.

Each treatment plan includes self treatment products along with a series of audio and video with instructions on how those suffering from pain can determine the underlying factors that cause the pain. The course of treatment is recommended once the cause has been established. The remedies are based on the causes, symptoms associated with the pain, and its location. If treatment plans aren’t available from Healthy Back, there are suggestions available such as consultation with a physical therapist or acupuncture sessions.

To help people alleviate back pin, Healthy Back Institute also manufactures devices which includes ergonomically designed office chairs, lumbar support pads, and physical therapy workout equipment. Products also include pain relief creams, gels, and nutrient-rich pills for individuals to develop healthier bones and muscles in order to treat back pain.

According to Jesse Cannone, the company resolves to help people change the way the deal with back pain. There are mental and emotional issues that lead to prolonged pain which also need to be addressed. The institute remains committed to helping individuals find the root cause of the pain and ways to eliminate it. The institute’s unique brand of self-treatment products has attracted a global clientele in over 120 countries ranging from blue collar workers to the wealthiest people in the USA. Interestingly, about 30% of its customers are from outside the US, Canada and the UK.