CrazyOres Mod For Minecraft 1.6 / 1.5.2 & 1.5.1 / 1.4.7

CrazyOres Mod For Minecraft 1.6 / 1.5.2 & 1.5.1 / 1.4.7

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Getting Started in Rust

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Mechs, M60’s, and More – Flan’s Mod for Minecraft

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Everything you need to know about Suicune Weakness and Best Counters in Pokemon Go!!!

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U Weight Loss Recipes Protein Shakes For Weight Loss Fat Loss Recipes

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Positive Effects Of Muscle Exercises – Know About The Exercises

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Tips To Market Dietary Supplements To Senior Consumers

Tips To Market Dietary Supplements To Senior Consumers

With the advancements in the medical field and improvements in health supplements, the average life expectancy has increased spectacularly. Especially,...


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How To Care Pro Your Linen Suit

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Tips To Market Dietary Supplements To Senior Consumers

With the advancements in the medical field and improvements in health supplements, the average life expectancy has increased spectacularly. Especially, the senior citizens are becoming the prime consumers of the multivitamins/minerals capsules. The elderly people suffer several bony and immunity-related health problems due to the age factor. Fortunately, it has become quite simplified to enhance bone strength and wellness quality with the help of additional dietary tablets or softgels.

What is a Dietary Supplement?

They are capsules, tablets, softgels, syrups, powders, or any other substances that can be consumed by humans to boost energies and improve the immunity systems. These dietary supplements are infused with some measured amount of nutrients that are essential to have a fit body. Usually, they have vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fiber to meet any nutritional deficiency.

Tips to market elderly dietary supplements

Bone density and protein levels decrease with age. Hence, the nutritional requirements of the old people would differ from the younger generation’s. The health supplement companies should make and market the products according to the age-wise needs. One may use the following techniques while promoting elderly dietary supplements:-

  • Know Senior Needs

The aged people have a higher chance of being exposed to various health problems and diseases like diabetes, high/low blood pressure, arthritis, cardiac issues, respiratory issues, etc. It becomes vital for the health sector to first cater to these common medical issues among the senior citizens. Developing supplements to tackle these problems would fetch more consumers.

  • Tap Less Explored Areas

It is a usual pattern in the health supplement industry to address the basic needs. Resultantly, the most available types of elderly supplements are for strengthening the bones or regulating the sugar/blood pressure levels. However, there are many problems in older people that do not have enough attention. An opportunist firm should make available supplements for cataracts, depression, memory issues, cognitive balance, etc.

  • Language Compatibility

The senior citizens may not remain proficient enough to understand the medical labels due to memory loss or any other factor. The package of the supplements should have only relevant information about the ingredients and the purpose of the pills in big and bold letters. Complex medical terms of the health problems should be avoided at any cost.

  • Satisfied Users

The official website should have informational pictures for easy viewing and understanding. The Homepage may include the testimonials of previous happy and healthy consumers. This may impart more trust and general awareness among the viewers. The aged people do not have time for experiments; hence, they would prefer to buy from the sellers with already satisfied users

The market consisting of senior citizens needs special focus and unique promotional ways. The online modes are undoubtedly getting more attention in these contemporary times, but they might not be good mediums for the aged people. Due to lack of interest and eyesight issues, they might prefer brochures, newspapers, etc. with bold letters. Some face to face meetings or campaign engagement may also prove to be better ways of promoting elderly dietary supplements.

The Difference Between a Psychrometer and a Hygrometer

When it comes to measuring humidity, hygrometer is the number tool that we use to get accurate results. But nowadays, there are now several types of hygrometer and one of those is psychrometer. Often times, hygrometer and psychrometer are being confused by users. Hence, this article will go through some differences between hygrometer and psychrometer.


Basically, hygrometer is a tool used in measuring the moisture content of the air. This means that the dew point and relative humidity are being measured. There are lots of various means that measuring humidity can be done. The traditional and most common is the use of a wet and dry bulb thermometer. As the water starts to evaporate from the wet bulb, it has the ability to absorb heat from the thermometer and it is utilized in order to measure the relative humidity. Basically, you can read hygrometer depending on the type of device you are using. There are several types of hygrometer. But what makes them similar is that they all use a circular gauge or dial. There is a sensor inside the hygrometer that moves the needle along the dial. As a result, it points at the right relative humidity level. So simply explained, hygrometer is used in order to calculate the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere. It also tells the user in simple terms the level of relative humidity as it also pertains to the air pressure and current temperature present in a particular location. There are different types of hygrometer: electrical hygrometers, dew point hygrometers. Hair-tension hygrometers, metal-paper coil hygrometers, chilled mirror hygrometers, gravimetric hygrometers, thermal hygrometer, humidity cards, hygrometer calibration, digital hygrometer calibration, and analog hygrometer calibration. Each type has its own way of measuring the humidity present in a certain location.


Technically speaking, psychrometer is one of the types of hygrometer. This tool utilizes 2 different thermometer namely wet bulb and dry bulb. It is considered as one of the best indoor thermometer and humidity gauge. Psychrometer is also known as an instrument that most of the people used in their household. Basically, it calculates the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere or also known as relative humidity. It counts both the dry bulb and the wet bulb temperatures. It is also considered as the simplest kind of hygrometer when it comes to measuring humidity. The dry bulb is the bulb exposed to the air in order to calculate the temperature. On the other hand, the wet bulb is covered with a cloth wick and dupped in water until it becomes available to use. This type of hygrometer is invented by Ernst Ferdinand August. Psychrometer also comes in a sling form and it is known as an instrument that measures the dew point and relative humidity in an area

Overall. it is important to know the difference between hygrometer and psychrometer so you can fully utilize the right tool that will help you measure humidity in your location.

Losing Weight Quickly Can Be Problem If

Obesity rate continues to surge throughtout the US and there are many reasons why this is transpiring and listed on https://observer.com/2020/10/best-fat-burner/ . Children and adults are presently exercising less than ever before, the likely cause of this is probably technology. Why go outside and play sports when you can sit and play on your laptop or Playstation.

Listed below are some ways you can tell that your metabolism isn’t working right:

A persons metabolism controls the pace at which food is processed through their stomach. Some people are genetically blessed with a fast metabolism. Typically men have faster metabolisms than females.

You have probably realized by looking around that old people are usually more fat than youngsters and this is because of their metabolism slowing down. As you age your metabolism rate will slowly diminish, starting when you turn about 40 years old.

1)You never are hungry:

Something is surely wrong with your metabolism if you go a whole day without ever feeling hungry. Oftentimes your body will communicate to you and tell you it’s hungry after 2 or 3 hours without food.

Another reason why obesity is becoming a epidemic is because of people’s eating patterns. Presently, people eat bigger proportion sizes than they did in the past. Additionally, people are now eating less vegetables and more fast food. These are all good reasons why people are getting more overweight, however an commonly overlooked reason why people are getting fat is the dormant metabolism.

While you are young and exercising and eating right your metabolism should be working optimally. Unfortunately, some people will rapidly gain weight if their metabolism stops working correctly. One of the reasons of a dormant metabolism is Hypothyroidism, which will cause your metabolism to almost completely shut off and make you increase weight quickly.

2)Becoming a night time eater:

Your body is telling you aren’t receiving enough food in the day if you start getting hungry late at night. Keep your metabolism working throughout the day by eating small snacks the whole day otherwise it will just be dormant and cause you to gain weight.

You should go to a physician right away if you feel that your metabolism is dormant and isn’t working correctly. They should easily be able to identify other reasons why it might not be working correctly. They may also be able to give you with tips on how to speed up your metabolism.

For some different enhancements, albeit some show some guarantee, proof is inadequate. The rundown of enhancements is industry-driven and is probably going to develop at a rate that isn’t coordinated by a comparable expansion in logical supporting. Taking a fat burner supplement shouldn’t be a messy, inconvenient process. You should be able to take the dosage in an easy form, like a tea, capsule, or powder.

Things To Consider When Buying An Omelette Pan

As opposed to their namesake, omelette pans can be used for other recipes, not just omelettes. Actually, omelette pans might even be the most flexible and helpful cookware that you will own.

Are you shopping for or looking to buy the best copper chef omelette pan? You came to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some of the important things you should consider when getting a new omelette pan. Be sure to read this article before ordering online or going to a physical store. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Non stick properties

Probably the most crucial factor of a great omelette pan is the addition of a non stick coating. The reason for this should be known for people who have cooked omelettes in a normal pan before. In case you are not aware, let us tell you why. Cooking delicate stuff on a regular pan can burn them easily, and even if they don’t burn, they might get stuck with the pan. This is especially true for wet food items, like omelettes. You can easily lose a lot of the omelette items on the pan because they got stucked on it.

A number of producers try to sell pans with non stick coating that are cheaply made. These coatings don’t last for long, which means that your pan is going to be just a normal pan after just several months of use. For this reason, make sure that the non stick layer or coating is durable when buying an omelette pan with non stick surface. If you are buying an expensive pan, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Second of all, you need to ensure that the non stick layer of your pan is immune to scrapes made by cleaning, which is another cause of non stick pans losing their coats.

  1. Design and conductivity

The shape or design of a pan is going to have an effect on its conductivity, which in turn will affect the quality of your cooking. This is especially important when cooking omelettes, since eggs cook quickly. You need to have a fan that distributes the heat evenly on its surface.

Normal omelette pans have a circular shape, and there are special fans with unique shapes, like Japanese pans with their square form factor. Regardless of the shape of the pan, you should make sure that its bottom is extremely flat and thick.

  1. Handle

No matter how good the pan is, you’ll not be comfortable using it if it has a bad handle. Along with the spatula, you’ll be using the handle to manipulate the food item that you are cooking. If the handle easily heats up or is simply not comfortable to hold, cooking will be more of a nuisance for you.

  1. Size

Buying the biggest omelette pan might seem like a no brainer, but always remember to take the size of your stove and storage into account. Make sure that they fit together so you’ll have the best experience possible.

Shiba Inu- Information You Should Know About

If you are the one who is willing to buy a dog called as Shiba Inu then in this article, you will come to know about the information on it, which will be very helpful for you. You must pay attention on all the information only then you will come to know about how good or bad is this dog for you. If you want to adopt it, then you must search for the banner shiba inu for sale and tap on it online.

There is no need to step out of the house as everything can be done right by sitting at your home, which sounds really easy and convenient. One thing you need to know about this dog is that it is really brave and bold as compared to the other dogs out there. You do not need to worry about its bravery at all, but instead, you need to train him with proper guidance.

This is the way in which you can make your dog to learn many things like how to behave in a good manner in front of everyone and many other things. They are a good learners, so all you need to do is put some effort into them, and they will be the best dog in your house.

The size of the dog

It is essential to know about the approximate adult site of the dog before buying so that you can come to know about how big they will get in the future. Also, it will let you make a decision like can you be able to manage it in the future or not. The approximate adult size in males is two years old or older and at the highest point to the shoulder.

Thus it gets enough size to look like a complete, mature dog and not like others with no size at all. So you should keep this thing in mind and make sure there is nothing much you need to take care of.

Special health considerations you should keep in mind.

There are some special health considerations that you must keep in mind about this special breed. You must take care of the teeth as they might face teeth issues in no time at all. Also, on the other hand, if we talk about patella luxation and canine hip dysplasia, then it means that they might face issues in the loosening of hips.


It can lead to arthritis pain, so you need to take care of them, especially if you do not want them to get ill. These are some of the conditions that you need to keep in mind as it will be going to help you in taking care of them.

What about grooming?

If we talk about the grooming of this dog, then it has a double coat outside its body the inner coat is really thick and soft. The outer coat is a little bit different as it is straight, short, and coarse. You need to brush her regularly to keep her clean and healthy. It will also help in keeping her coat clean as well, so in this way, she will look much more beautiful than you can expect.

Life span

It is important to know about the life span of this dog as it is about 13-16 years, so you must love her as much as you can in that time period and make sure to not to hit or shout at her. You must also focus on the training part by which she will become a good dog to everyone.

Consider These Factors Before You Buy Your Baby’s Linen Bed Set

Everyone loves high-quality bed sets, but why restrict bed materials to only adults? Babies love a good material bed set too. In fact, instead of buying cheap materials, fabrics like linen are so much better for the baby’s health. But the question is how to buy the perfect linen Lastevoodid and firstly what is linen?

What is linen?

Linen is a natural fabric made out of the flax plant. Linen is one of those fabrics that will last for generations and still appear new. It is a high-quality and natural fabric. And that can instantly make a person appear elegant and sophisticated. That’s not all; linen is a fast-drying material that absorbs water and helps it escape quickly. Linen gets considered as “the” summer material because it helps the body keep cool and does not trap any heat. And getting a baby bed set of linen will keep the baby dry and not irritate their sensitive skin. Moreover, it is a comfortable material that prevents any rashes and skin allergies.

How to choose the perfect linen bed set?

There are several factors one must consider when purchasing a linen bed set:


Ensure that the bed set fabric is pure linen and not a linen blend with any other material.

  • Pure linen will be translucent and rough to the touch until washed. Once the cloth gets cleaned, the fabric becomes soft.
  • Pure linen is very wrinkly and does not shrink like other materials.

Thread count

Some sellers try to save money by including fewer linen threads.

  • Ensure that the threads are compactly packed.
  • A good thread count will make the fabric look translucent but without gaps.

Crib size

When buying a linen bed set, ensure that the bed set size matches the baby’s crib.

  • If one does not find the exact size, go one size up and get it fitted.
  • Ensure that the material of the crib is smooth to avoid ripping the fabric.

If one considers these factors when buying a linen bed set, they will ensure high-quality fabric.

Why Decor And Interior Design Are Important – Know the reasons!!

Many different people tend to express themselves in different ways, whether it be through clothing, make up, hair, music, dance or like myself, I surround myself with art – but not just any type of art, I surround myself with my love for décor and interior design. It’s much like a hobby for me really and for many others who take great interest in it, by being able to make an area full of character and beauty with the use of a few simple steps whilst enjoying it at the same time. Interior design and décor can be perceived in many different ways and to many it may seem like a chore or a few random colour splashed onto a blank wall and a few ornaments put in the middle of the table to make it look less bland, yet to those who are like me, it is a way of using colours and objects to signify a style and ongoing theme throughout your home.

Think of interior design and décor as a specific art form or a piece of art in general. When looking at a piece of art you are told to try and find the meaning behind the image and depict what the artist is trying to put across to the audience. With décor and interior design, you are the artist and your guest is the audience and it is almost as though you are trying to tell your guest a story or trying to get them to feel what emotions you have put behind the “art” which you have created amongst your home. This is often what makes a household feel so homely and welcoming and this is what we are trying to achieve as décor enthusiasts. The meuble pas cher will improve the look of the house. The spending of the money is from the budget of the people. There are different ways available to show the emotions and get the desired results. The decoration in the home is the best one with the cheap furniture.

A pretty home is usually a happy home, a household which you can tell is nurtured and cared for as well as an upbeat office desk space, creating more productivity- this is due to the fact that organisation is definitely key to feeling more prepared and ready for your day as well as having pride in your designs. With décor and interior design being a passion of mine I tend to incorporate décor into my daily lifestyle and routine (trust me, you should see my desk – its immaculate). The reason for this is because it is a thing which makes me happier and makes me feel more prepared and ready for my day ahead, so if you think you’d benefit from having a few trinkets which will make your desk not only more organised but also a happier space to work in, why not do it?

I believe that with each item of décor which you have either created yourself or bought from a shop, it is often the fact you have purchased it due to the fact you have been drawn towards it because it’s just “so you”! And this is completely fine! In fact, this is just what we want out of a home! Cherished and loved items just because they suited you, your personality and style. Interior design and décor does not simply consist of objects and that’s it. It is a passion filled with many different areas and factors which all play a part – and a big part of this is expression through the use of colour. Many artists actually have this discussion regularly to see what colour suits what personality and which colours tend to set which sort of mood giving interior design fanatics an endless amount of choices and opportunities.

Overall interior design and décor is definitely important as it gives us all a way to cherish and show off our individuality whilst being proud of our homes and to look back and see the changes you have made and how.

Bodybuilding Tips To Lose Fat

Bodybuilding and losing fat at the same time is not a simple task, but it’s can be achieved by consistently working out. In order to gain muscles fast or lose fat, calorific value plays an important role. Focus on losing fat first, then concentrate on gaining muscle. And in order to lose fat you need to change and monitor your eating habits. For that, here are the best deals on supplements that can help you in losing weight.

Develop bodybuilding fat loss goals. A properly balanced diet will help you and try to mix in some serious cardio workouts in your schedule. When you combine both muscle building and cardio workouts, you are just on right track for Bodybuilding and at the same time you will lose Fat.

Bodybuilding Exercises For Fat Loss

Dead Lifts

Dead Lifts is one of the best weight training exercises that will help you build muscle mass. It works on a different set of muscles and gives you a power pack core. It’s done by lifting a significant amount of weight from the floor.

Start off by lifting the barbell from the ground to a few inches past your knees to your stomach. While you are lifting take a deep breath and concentrate on only moving your arms and shoulders, while the rest of the body is idle. Slowly keep the barbell down while your face is looking forward. In order to burn more fat, try putting more weight on the barbell. Do about 10 reps and increase the count slowly.


Squats have a lot of variation but the effective one is Barbell Squats. It’s really an intense workout that readily stresses your muscles. Start by lifting the barbell from the rack, keep the barbell at the back of the neck with your arms holding it.

Make sure your body is straight. Inhale as you come down, only move your hips and knees. A proper stance is important, so maintain the correct stance as you go up. Do about 10 repetitions.

Bench Press

This is also one of the important exercises when you want to build chest muscles. Make sure the weight you put on Barbell is heavy enough. Lie on a flat bench, take the barbell off the rack and start to press. It’s not necessary for the barbell to touch the chest and when going up extend your arms such that your triceps are contracted. Repeat this exercise for 12 to 15 reps.

All three exercises are all crucial for bodybuilding and burning fat. Together they help you develop a strong core.

Some Intense Cardio Workouts


The treadmill is one of the best cardio exercises when you want to get lean or burn more calories. Start slowly by adjusting the options from the menu, especially if you are a beginner. Jogging on a Treadmill can burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes.

Try to keep up the same posture during the entire session. If you feel that you can do more, you can increase the speed or try jogging for more time. During the workout, your heart rate increases, so naturally, it pumps more blood to muscles. It’s a very good alternative but running burns more calories.

Stationary Bike

The Bike is a great choice that will help you meet your way into cardio workouts. It’s a great workout for the lower body and affects your heart rate.

If you are new to this, your legs might get tired soon. Start by doing this exercise for 10 min and try to build up your endurance by consistently working out. Add a few minutes whenever you workout to reach 30 minutes.

Can Yoga Help In Weight Loss? Get Your Answer Here

The whole world believes in yoga for relieving stress, fat loss, and many more. The craze is that many people started it to celebrate on the 21 June after the appeal of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UNGA. In the following article, you will know about the benefits of yoga and exercise for fat loss.

About the yoga

Yoga is a process through which you can find the highest possible potential by doing mind-body practices. The yoga history is 5000 years old, and it originated from India. In India, yoga is treated as a subject that has been practices in various yoga schools and Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism. It is a group of exercises that help you maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual practices.

Yoga exercises for fat loss

Yoga exercises that can help you in fat loss and flat tummy need to practice yoga asana to achieve your goal.

  • The Naukasana

The Naukasana will help you strengthen your leg muscles, back, and you in getting rid of fat around the waist. To perform that exercise, you need to lie on your back and simultaneously keep your hands aside with having legs together. When you come in the position, inhale and raise your legs by keeping it straight, slowly lift your arms with trying to touch your toe, and Make an angle of 45-degree angle with your body from the floor. Do not forget to breathe while doing this. 

  • Paschimottanasana

is also the seated forward bend that helps you relieve stress, treat digestive disorders, menstrual cycle, and burn your fat. For performing the exercise, you have to sit on the floor and then stretch your legs, keeping your back straight with an engaged core. Point your toes towards the sky and then stretch your hand upwards. Slowly stretch yourself forward to touch your toes with the help of hips, not with the back, and maintain this position for more than 2 minutes and repeat the process.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has an unlimited health benefit and not just about burning calories because it is the kind of workout that involves both the body and mind. There are many yoga burn reviews online at the moment when you take help, and the benefits of yoga are further given below.

  • Improves the posture

if you are a working man or woman that needs to work at a desk for 8 to 10 hours a day, you will know that this workload makes us tired and hurt our spine so much at the end of the day. You will be shocked that practicing yoga asanas for a certain period can improve your body posture and even heal the pain of your back.

  • Improves flexibility

everyone wants to be flexible so that they can flaunt their flexibility on social media. There are so many sportspeople who want to be better in their respective sport. Yoga helps you to increase your flexibility in a short period if you are consistent with your asanas.

  • Build muscle and boost metabolism

when you perform different yoga asanas, you are directly working on your muscles. Making them work means you are strengthening your muscles of the body. Ultimately, your weak muscles get stronger and better than before. Also, when you do these asanas, it motivates you to eat healthy foods, and when you start eating food that is good for your health, your metabolism system improves.

  • Help you sleep better 

you have already known about yoga reduces the body’s stress in the above article. According to different researches, it’s been found that when your body is relaxed, human sleep is more peaceful.

What is good for fat loss gym or yoga?

The one thing a person should understand that if you are fitness enthusiasts, you only need to focus on working out. It doesnt matter whether the workout exercise is of gym or yoga because you need to focus on your goal, and if anything can help you achieve your goal, you should go for that thing. If we talk about the gym and yoga, both things are good for increasing your physical and mental performance and building muscle and fat loss.

There is a perspective that only the gym weights can build muscle or lose weight in the youth, but it’s not true because your muscles do not know how much weight you are working out with; only your mind does. There are many yoga burn reviews online when you get a better answer to your questions.  

Try to maintain your daily yoga routine as many of you get bored initially and leave the yoga. But persistence and continuity are the practices that can bring the real benefits of yoga to you. Happy Yoga!

Mechs, M60’s, and More – Flan’s Mod for Minecraft

Much like a good hot sauce, mechsuits make everything better. Now, as a general rule, I lean more towards fantasy than sci-fi. But when I saw the robot suits, guns, tanks and other goodies that Flan’s Mod adds to Minecraft, I was hooked.

Flan’s Mod is innovative in that it’s a big mod that you can fill with little mods. Once you download the core mod, you can choose what additional content you want and download the appropriate packs. For example, maybe you’re not into mechs and taxis, but you’re a huge WWII buff. You could choose to ignore the other content packs and just download the WWII one! There is the facility of minecraft alts shop to buy the weapons and other things. Some additional content is available at the shop to have the benefits. You should not ignore the knowing of the content. The downloading of the game is excellent for the purchasing of weapons.

Even cooler, not all the content packages are made by Flan. There’s a heap of community made packs that run on the mod as well, if you (somehow) get bored with your initial downloads, or just want to try more stuff. If you’re a modder yourself, it’s easy to create your own content packs, too.

In this way, Flan’s Mod really feels more like Flan and Friends’s Mods. Here are some of the packs currently available, what they include, and the most recent version of Minecraft they’ll run on:

For all you Call of Duty aficionados out there, now you can practice your Twitch reflexes in your favorite cube-based sandbox! This content pack includes a huge arsenal, including P90s, rocket launchers, Desert Eagles, various ammunition, armor, and even team settings. If you’ve ever wanted to turn that peaceful mountainside village into a warzone, this is definitely a pack you’re going to want to grab.

It’s worth noting that the guns have functional crosshairs, realistic sounds, and, with some content packs, THE POWER OF DUAL WIELDING (I accidentally hit the capslock button mid-sentence, but it seems so fitting that I’m just going to leave it as is). Forget bows – fend off pigs, zombies, or other players with an armful of automatics.

Ah yes, Gundams and gizmos. This is the part of Flan’s Mod that sold me immediately. Like I said, Mechs are the Cholula Hot Sauce of video games. I’d go so far as to say that they’re the Roasted Chipotle flavor of Cholula – yes, they’re that awesome. I loved Skyrim, but you know what would have been a better feature than dragons? Mechsuits. Mario was cool, but he ain’t got nothing on Mechio. Diablo, Lord of Terror? More like, dude, Diablo, why aren’t you in a mechsuit.

I think I’ve made my point. The Futurecraft content pack adds a whole heap of sci-fi goodness. It adds some sleek planes and fighter jets, tanks, bikes, and (I didn’t say this already, right?) mechs. Mining mechs. Running and gunning mechs. Titanic, Pacific-rim-esque mechs. Alright, I think we got this one covered.

Actually, scratch that, there’s a little more. The Futurecraft pack also adds three warring factions, making it the perfect multiplayer mod. And if the included mechs aren’t enough, there’s the Titan Pack to further upgrade their mining capabilities, martial prowess, and general badassery.

I’m not a WWII buff myself – I prefer conflicts and weapons that have never existed in our world – but I’ve still enjoyed my time with this content pack. Where the Modern Weapons pack evokes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this is more CoD: World at War or Day of Defeat fare. Rustic biplanes and clunky rifles are somehow very suiting in the Minecraft world. Hunkering in a trench and fending off zombies with bayonettes has a World War Z feel to it, and I like it.

Honestly, Modern Weapons feel a little strange in the context of Minecraft, but a good old MG 42 or Panzer Tank feels more at home. This is another great multiplayer mod. In fact, all of these packs are – if you’re feeling the urge to shoot up your friends (virtually, mind you) or just snipe a creeper from afar, you’d be silly not to pick up one (or all!) of them.

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