X-rays are one of the first things that new dental patients will experience. Dentists will afterwards be able to look at the radiographs and make a determination as to how to proceed with treatment. The images that are taken by the x-ray machine will show all aspects of oral health. Because a regular clinical examination will only show the top half of each tooth, radiographs are required for analyzing the roots of the teeth. If some decay is noted in the central nerve cavity, then dental professionals will have to initiate a root canal procedure that will be capped off with a synthetic crown.

Palm Beach Gardens dental x-rays will likely be taken on the very first visit. The actual process is rather easy to accomplish. Patients will sit in a chair and have bite wings placed in key locations. After an image is taken, the bite wings will then be moved to another location. Through a series of radiographs, the whole mouth will be captured on the appropriate film. After the Palm Beach Gardens x-rays are taken, individuals will have a chance to examine the state of their own mouth. Dentists will indicate where decay has occurred and where procedures will be needed. A treatment plan can then be effectively designed for the next few months.

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A series of Palm Beach Gardens dental x-rays can also show if there has been any basal bone loss. This will usually be most prominent in patients who have periodontal problems. When the gums become infected because of tartar below the gum line, the bone itself may recede from the teeth, which can lead to looseness if it is not corrected in time. Most periodontal treatments will require deep scaling work that will scrape the offending calculus off the roots of the teeth. With proper brushing and flossing habits, the gums themselves should become reattached and the bone loss should halt.

Ultimately, Palm Beach Gardens x-rays may also be taken at regular intervals, especially if a lot of work has been completed in the meantime. If teenagers have spent the better part of the last year wearing braces, then the overseeing dentists and orthodontists will want to make sure that the alignment within the mouth is correcting itself. If individuals ever change dentists when they move to a different state, they can request that their x-rays be sent on to the subsequent professional.