How well do you know the people around you? The person you’re dating, hiring or renting to? The one who’s taking care of your kids? For many, background screening is a standard practice for every important relationship. In this article, we’ll be covering many different types of online background checks. For background reports, our top background check companies are Net Detective and Government-Records.

If you want to know the best background check for boyfriend, then the picking of the correct site is important. You can know about the services to have a pleasant experience. You need to be sure that there is getting of accurate and essential information about the background of the boyfriend. 

Business due diligence

In business, you have to know the people you are dealing with. Background searches can help you check their past before you begin any type of relationship. Criminal background checks let you peer into a person’s criminal past to find arrests, court records, convictions, DUIs and more. Employment background checks help employers screen potential employees before hiring. Landlord background checks, likewise, help screen tenants before renting to them.

Get personal

In your personal life, there are many people you put your trust in to protect your family and your future. Checking their background records can help you know as much about them as possible. There are nanny background checks and babysitter background checks to help you find out if they have a criminal record. Spouse background checks can help you investigate any suspicions you might have. Dating background checks can help keep you from making a big mistake.

What information is in a background report?

A comprehensive background check can contain criminal information such as court records, police records, DUIs, incarcerations, sentencing files, judgment files, mug shots and more. Background record checks can also uncover more personal information like bankruptcies, birth records, marriage records, addresses, aliases and more.

Can I run a background check report from home?

Thanks to the Internet, you can be a background checker from home. However, much of the information you want is scattered over tens or hundreds of online databases on the web. Finding and accessing them all to get a complete background check can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there are several background check services online that compile all of this information into one place. You can do a single background search in one place and get data from multiple sources.

Net Detective

This is our recommended background check company. Net Detective offers a huge database of over 200,000,000 people and exceptional service so you can do your own background investigation. If your personal background check doesn’t uncover what you are looking for, take advantage of their 100% money back guarantee. Please visit the Net Detective web site for more information.


Get an instant background check from Government-Records. They offer unlimited background checks and maintain a constantly updated database. They too offer a money back guarantee. Visit the Government-Records web site.