Whenever a new product comes out in the market, there is a mixed emotion surging throughout the body comprising of anticipation and skepticism of trying out something new but with doubts regarding its credibility as there are many fake ones out there posing as original.

In the field of technology it is somewhat different where there have been numerous examples regarding a particular field like software where you have both original and fake products in the market in equal measure and it would take an expert’s eye in telling them apart.

Speaking of technology, there are numerous theories floating around a new field called Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is defined as the process of inculcating robots with human emotions so that they can think for themselves in another decade and we are still in 2020, so let’s focus on present day phenomenon for the while.

New Age Technology

The 90s generation are fully grown adults that had the privilege to grow up in the era where they got to see social media getting created and developed into the new age phenomenon that we know today.

They are considered the bridge between the bygone era and the highly advanced modern age that the new millennial generation can enjoy right from the start like social networking sites.

Photoshop has become a popular medium ever since the internet found its way into our phones and taking pictures through mobile phone cameras evolved into a highly profitable technique through which one could gain adequate knowledge.

The youth of today are extremely clever that have enormous talent and skills simmering inside them that are way beyond the stupid school marks and worthless college degrees that they get.

The potential that they have aren’t confined to the aforementioned shackles but has been festering inside them for a long time and Photoshop too falls into the same category.

Starting Point

Photoshop is defined as the process of altering your images in such a manner as you see fit, which is why there are many new modern features in your cameras that would help you to take pictures that enhances your facial looks and expressions in various moods.

Photoshop has helped in getting rid of the bad features that surround a face like pimples, black skin, dark circles, ageing features and others, which is something that the youth wants to keep at bay for as long as possible.

If you want to learn more about this technique then you can always look for Adobe Photoshop download for Mac or any other device that you have through an online search that can provide you an insight into this world.

Udemy is a popular online tutorial website where you can start a Photoshop course that may last for a few days where you can take online classes through YouTube videos and learn everything about Photoshop.

Regarding video tutorials, Lynda.com is a famous website that contains numerous videos where experts would tell you about the benefits and limitations of Photoshop and how you can take it up as a technique for learning new things in a big way.