Nowadays, a full-proof source of entertainment is through various OTT platforms that provide different entertaining videos for their viewers. Today you can get many series, movies, and entertaining videos on the website and anyone can enjoy watching them on their smartphones. This is something that falls under the category of streaming videos, movies, and series online or, in simple words, online streaming of the movies. However, will you always have to watch your favorite shows and movies on online streaming only, or is there any other way out how you can watch them?

You can also watch them by downloading them into your in-app subscription or through any other substitute application. However, the best part about it is that you will get full-proof entertainment that too without any internet connection. Once you have downloaded the movie, series, or show, you can easily watch them without even having an internet connection.

Points to remember 

Well, many people are busy enough that they hardly get time to enjoy some entertaining shows and videos and at that time also if they face some issue in streaming then it can be something that can lead them to not so good mood. In case you face the same issue every time you are watching your favorite streaming service content, you should prefer downloading them and then watching them without even focusing on your internet connection.

There are some of the possible ways using which one can download the content or the videos of their favorite streaming service, and two of them are mentioned below:-


Just like you have different applications for your OTT platforms, lk21 is the application that includes almost all the content of all other applications that provides you entertaining series and videos. Such applications fall under the category of substitute applications and can provide all the shows and movies of the application for free to the user. The user can also download the data or content of series and movies from this application also.

Using OTT Application itself

Well, you can surely get an option of making the shows and movies offline when you are using the favorite streaming service platform. But the catch is that all the data that you see or all the content that you see on these platforms are not available for the purpose Of downloading or taking it offline.

Consider these while downloading

When you are focusing on downloading series, movies, or shows, no matter from where so ever you are downloading them, there are some points that you should consider. However, below you will get the list of those points, and you can go through them thoroughly!

  • Searching and checking:-

It is the first step towards your process to download. When you want to watch a series or movie that you think will entertain you best, you will have to search for it. Searching is not going to be hard if you know which platform has the following series that you are in need of.

Once you have got the right series in front of your eyes, it is time to check that whether it is possible to download it or not? Now to check that the you should focus on the bottom of the series or the movie. Check whether there is an option to download or not. Now there can be a chance that the movie might have an icon of download, but that is not accessible at that moment; you will not be able to download it from the appication that you have opened. And you should look for some other way or through a substitute application to download it.

  • Decide the episode:-

Most of the time, people watch long stories and series in a break, OTT Platforms are the source where you will find many interesting and adventurous series that is divided into small episodes or parts, and now it is time that you should select the episode that you like. You can save your data by downloading the episodes that you have not watched rather than downloading the full series. So select the episodes that you need and then click on the download option that is mentioned.

  • Decide the quality:-

Well, deciding the quality of the video is also one of the important steps that you will have to follow. It is because there are many possible pixels in which one can watch your favorite video, and that is not only for the online version of the video but also for the offline video. So when you are downloading the video, you will probably get the chance to decide the quality of the video that you are interested in downloading. However, the data consumption will also depend on the quality of the video that you are interested in downloading.

  • Select the way of downloading:-

Now, there are two possible ways using which you can decide to download your favorite series or movies. Either on mobile data or on wifi! Your mobile data can charge you some extra charges, and on the other side, your wifi can be a better option to choose this.

Final words

These are the possible ways to get the chance to download all your favorite content, and hence you can enjoy them without the internet. Moreover, it is the best possible way using which you can enjoy the best videos and movies without any doubt.