G’day, MrFranksnten here. I have decided to review the Portal Gun mod that I have tested through the different cheap Minecraft accounts that I have. It’s worth a note firstly that I have never actually played Portal 1 or 2, only a few levels of the Flash game. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The main item you’ll want is the Portal Gun. Once crafted, this gun will shoot 2 differently colored portals, with which you can instantly teleport. I found it interesting that the recipe needs an Ender Pearl, because back when the Enderman was introduced, there were whispers of an item obtained from killing an Enderman that would allow you to teleport at the cost of some health. This item was the ender pearl but didn’t come with the ability to teleport. Back on topic, with the portal gun selected, a circle in two halves appears around the cross-hair. They will be two different colors, indicating the portal’s color. left-clicking will fire the top color portal, right-click for the bottom color. In the properties file of this mod, you can change how the portals look. Basically, by default, you will see where portal b is looking by facing portal a. This will slow the game down a bit, so I set mine to be just blank, the color of the portal alone. You can turn the normal portal gun into a bluer and a yellow one, by crafting with the recipe below. These fire different colored portals also.

A feature of the guns is being able to pick blocks up and throw them by pressing G. If, when thrown, they are a block that defies gravity, they will stick to it as if you intentionally placed it there.

Now I’ll just go through a few little blocks with a short description. The portal spawner. This simply spawns a set color of portal upon receiving a redstone signal. You can set whether or not the portal de-spawns when the signal stops.

Portal Gun Pedestal. A simple block that can hold a portal gun. When a Redstone signal is received, they rotate slowly 90 degrees and fire the last fired portal from that gun in a straight line. Simply, if you fired a yellow portal at a wall, then a blue portal at the roof, then gave the gun (right-clicked) to the pedestal, it will fire a blue portal. The gun can easily be retrieved by walking into the pedestal or right-clicking it.

Aerial Faith Boards. These boards throw you up, and occasionally across. Right-clicking one will open a GUI where you can set the strength of them, Vertical and Horizontal.

Electronic Intelligence Indicator. This basically tells you if something is being powered by Redstone. It is normally blue with a black ‘x’ but turns orange with a tick when the object is being powered.

Fall Boots. These remove any fall damage you would usually get. These are a necessity as you will probably be putting portals up high. You need to craft two, then craft them together to get the actual boots, which need to be worn as feet armor.

Weighted Storage Cube and Weighted Storage Cube Vent. The Storage Cube I think is just so you can make the Companion Cube, but it looks okay. The vent can only be connected to a ceiling and dispenses an indestructible storage cube when a Redstone signal hits it. When you dispense a second cube, the first one is destroyed.

Weighted Companion Cube and Weighted Companion Cube Vent. If you right-click a storage cube with a rose you get this. This new cube heals one heart every 5 seconds if it is in your inventory. The companion cube vent is the same as the storage cube vent, dispensing an indestructible companion cube, destroying the first one when a second one is dispensed, etc.

Emancipation Grid. The emancipation grid is a portal blocker. If you are on one side, any portals fired at it will be blocked. In the properties file, you can change it to block mobs, animals, and players. These can’t be toggled on and off, but are generally safe to walk through.

Sentry Turrets. These are enemies of a sort. They detect moving creatures in front of them, to a degree. As you can see below, they even kill creepers. Keep in mind that even players get targeted, so keep out of their line of fire. These can be knocked over really easy, I had a chicken do it. When knocked over, they just become a little item, that can be picked up and put down.

High Energy Pellet Launcher and Catcher. This fires a ball of energy that kills living things. When a Redstone signal is found, out goes the high energy pellet. These balls of power can be shot through portals and will bounce off objects and come right back.

The catcher is the only thing that can hold the energy from a pellet. When one has been caught, any Redstone connected to it will be activated.

Portal Gun Mod Download

To download Portal Gun fill out the form below and click to download button and we will email you a download link. Check out this video for the visual review, thanks for reading.

Some extra features, I have been told how to use. Also, In the games, the Emancipation Grid is used for anti-theft purposes, but in the Mod we have here, by default they only serve to block portals.