We have reached a point in our lives where you have certain things to boast about after clearing our college degree and getting into a job as early as possible but there that doesn’t mean that we should give up our rebellious side and let the child inside us die.

We all know how important it is to keep our health in check, which is impossible if we concentrate on our work front all the time and cater to the whims and caprices of the boss in office so there has to be an alternative that has to be worked out at the earliest.

The one alternative that comes immediately to mind is entertainment where you can either hang out with friends or sit at home playing video games and today we shall discuss about an excellent example that has become a popular venture in the past few years.

High Expectations

The game in question is Rainbow Six Siege, which an excellent online shooting venture where you can do target practice and cultivate your skills in the long run with some important techniques involved in gaming but the crux of the matter is that you have to be within the limits of a shooter game only.

It was launched back in 2015 on December 1st, which means that it has successfully 5 years just a few days back where the milestone has inspired the makers to come up with an alternate version to attract newer users and make them acquainted to the game.

The credit goes to Ubisoft for coming up with such an entertaining online game that has captivated the imagination of the millennial generation in such a manner that they now have very high expectations for all their future projects.

In fact, another milestone that it achieved just 2 days back on December 1st 2020 is that it has also launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series where it hopes to grow at a bigger level.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for beginners to learn some new tips on how to play this game because they assume it to be an adventure process with targets when it is much bigger than that.

Rainbow Tips

Once you register and sign up to through your official account, you can immediately learn about the game through the manual given on its official website so that you can understand the dangers involved.

First of all, keep to yourself and silently listen to all the levels that are there in the initial stages because as a novice, you cannot simply get into the meat foray with guns blazing out from all corners that would kill off your character in an instant.

There are maps available that would give you an idea of where to go as constantly getting shot would make you frustrated as a player so take up the gauntlet and use the map for the right directions.

Finally, always download rainbow six siege hacks prior to starting out the game as the cheat codes and hacks would help you sail comfortably through the enemy line without losing any level.