Do you have a special event coming up soon and suddenly feel the need to achieve really fast Fat loss? You are not alone, many people find themselves in this place and while this type of situation is very motivating you need to know how to get the pounds off fast and that is where this article comes in. If you can spare just 2 minutes to read on you will discover the fastest way to safely get your body thinner.

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Really Fast Fat Loss

  1. Refined carbs are out. Do not eat refined carbs (white bread, candy, cookies…) if you want fast results. These foods digest with speed and this causes a surge of insulin to be produced. The problem? When insulin is high your body makes fat faster and burns fat slower.
  2. Sugary drinks are out. Cut out calorie-filled drinks like soda, flavored coffee drinks and alcohol. These drinks do not satisfy your hunger and add a ton of calories and carbs. You must sacrifice the small things so you can have the big reward of Fat loss.
  3. Finish eating all carbs by lunchtime. The whole grain carbs that you do allow in your diet should be eaten by lunch. This keeps them out of your evenings and forces your body to burn body fat for any energy it needs.
  4. Exercise with circuit training. This will be your best form of exercise because you will get the best calorie burn while at the same time preserve your muscle mass. The last thing you want to do is burn off your muscle, this spells long-term disaster for your Fat.

To do a circuit style exercise do an aerobic exercise for 5 minutes (jump rope, run on the treadmill, etc.) and then do a few sets of Fat lifting (squats, push-ups, etc.) alternate back and forth until the session is over.