Okay, this post is for women who are weight conscious about how they look physically. We all want to look fit and sexy which is the reason why we dress up in the best way we can. As for most women who have “huge” body type, choosing the best clothing lines are their best way to hide their natural physique. Check the simple ways and methods for the purchasing of the Best Fat Burner to have the desired results on the body. You can collect complete details about the ways and methods for the selection of the best fat burner. You can wear the clothes of your choice to get the best results. 

Women who are having those extra bulges in the belly and legs, crush diets won’t help you in time especially if you are in a hurry to get fit. Plus, abrupt diet and strenuous exercise would cause you health problems if not done properly. To avoid this, it is better to choose alternative ways to look sexy while not compromising your health.

How to hide your fats and still look sexy?

Through the clothes you wear, you can essentially help yourself to look much nicer and sexier. Hiding that excess fats through the way you dress up is not new to most women. But for those who are not aware about this tricks, the information below will help take your weight dilemma away.

Use diversions on your clothing color

Your clothing color preferences weighs a lot with regards on how you would like to look outside. First off, you must avoid bright colors and clothing with patterns. Patterns attracts attention so if you are way fat in both the upper body and at the bottom, then avoid patterns and bright colors.

What to wear then? Have your color diversified. If you are heavy at the bottom, you can detract people to look at your upper body by wearing bright and patterned clothes at the top. In contrast if you are fatty at the upper portion, you can wear detailed clothing at the bottom to redirect people to look at the lower part of your body.

Never use tight-fit clothing at the middle

Whether after a satisfying meal or during your period, tight-fitting clothing won’t jive well especially on your waist and stomach. Keep a clothing that is friendly on your middle, a clothing that lets you breathe easily. Try some lose-fit skirts or elasticated trousers to have a comfortable feeling. This will give you much confidence on the way you look.

Use your belt to cloak your excess pounds

If you love using your belt to keep your jeans in place, then you can also use it to hide your overwhelming belly fats. Arranging your belt properly can ultimately cover up those extra bulges. Try not to buckle the belt so tightly as this will expose your middle more, making some excess skin fats hanging. Make it lose a little to create a nice curve at the middle, giving a sleek, leaner and sexy look.

Stand right for better posture

A slouchy behavior is a factor of being fat! Remember that your posture can say a thousand words and can literally give a lasting impression. A good and better posture benefits your over all appearance, making you more thinner than slumping or slouching. Extra bulges will definitely appear if you don’t stand tall. So if you want to make your appearance more appealing and fitter, stand tall and have good posture all the time!

Wear heels

Wearing shoes with high heels compliments your effort in getting better posture and encourages you to stand tall. Also, it will help you look taller which also can help you to look slimmer.

Choose the right jeans

Choosing the right jeans is critical if you want to look good outside. It is advisable to use a slightly flared leg so that it will help lessen the heavy look on the thigh, making it a balanced aura all the way down. Also, just like in my first tip, a dark colored jean rather than bright colored pants, will help add some sizzles on your look.

Pockets of your pants should also be given some emphasis if you want to look sexy on your clothing. Pockets are said to be much more ideal at the higher rear level, to compliment the buttocks.

The right top!

Okay, this is the last tip but definitely the most important. People first look at the upper body, so it is crucial that you wear the right tops to look much more slimmer and sexier. First off, you should not over expose your cleavage just to divert people’s attention to your chest. Your tops should fit exactly but not too tight of course.

Most recommended are v-necks and oval shaped tops. These shapes creates a more sexier curve, which reduce the attention on your middle. Half or long sleeves are ideal to cover some excess fats in the arms.