If a new drug or procedure was discovered today and the scientists said that a person can achieve a whole new brain that is a lot smarter than the one they have today, then there would be very long queues to attend to. Students would be looking for a way to finally get the formulas right, catch the equations, and be able to understand the hardest of subjects or topics. While this might seem to be farfetched, the science is right here and the right dosage of the best Nootropics supplements found in the market today will solve all the studying problems that one might be having.

In 1972, Dr. Corneliu from Romania discovered that there were compounds that are found in their most natural state and in the foods that people consume that can be used to enhance the brain of a person to make them smarter. It is after all possible to make a person a lot smarter than they are but unfortunately for some, handwork is still a must. The doctor said that these compounds can be used to do one of or all of the following functions; cognitive, enhancement, improve the intelligence of a person, neuroenhancement, and memory boosting. Over the years, the nootropics have been enhanced and improved to enable people to get some of the best results that they would otherwise not have achieved were they to just go it natural.

The rise and the popularity of nootropics have made many people refer to them as smart drugs. In fact, they do come in as drugs, supplements, and nutraceuticals, and functional foods. They are found in many daily foods that people take and as such many don’t see the reason why they should fear. Among the most popular nootropics for studying include Choline which is primarily a dietary component found in foods and in large quantities like eggs, dairy products, red meat, seafood, and so on. Unfortunately for many people, statistics show that over 90% of the population is in deficiency with regard to Choline. The drugs that have this all-important compound help a student to be in a good mood, concentration, and good memory recording. For the people who lack the same, their brains are in a somewhat unending foggy state especially when it comes to memory.

There are numerous other smart drugs that people use to improve not only the memory when studying but also when doing other stuff. In colleges today, everyone is using Ritalin and other high powered stimulants. These compounds are found mostly in drinks that sharpen or rather make the brain stay sharp in an extraordinary manner. When there is an exam on Monday and a student hasn’t studied satisfactorily for the work done in the past semester of six months, many find the solution in the stimulants. Such smart drug stimulants include energy drinks.

Most of these energy drinks can be classified in the nootropics category because of the amphetamines, slats, and other smart drugs. A student would practically use the energy drink to study for the side effect that it comes with. By drinking such a drink, a person will experience insomnia and thus able to study all weekend through without even blinking. The other side effect that comes with taking the energy drinks is having headaches, probably after one or two days of extensive drinking of the same. There are also risks of having constipation and dehydration. But upon taking plentiful of water while studying can to some extent alleviate these two side effects. There is also the risk of having comedowns which can take a toll on a student after taking the energy drinks that contain amphetamine and other nootropics for studying. The best way to deal with this is to take lots of fruit juices when doing the exams. The juice will be fighting off the dehydration effects together with the headaches and constipation. Even though one might still need to take some of the energy drinks for two more days during the week when they are studying for the exams, it is important that one gets ample sleep immediately a chance presents itself. Usually, the heart will be beating very fast, and getting sleep might be hard. Imagining that one is at the top of a very long stairway helps a lot. Start walking down and by the time one is reaching midway or at the foot of the stairway, they will have entered into a long deep slumber.

The side effects of the energy drinks found in the market today can have other side effects other than the proverbial fast heart rate, insomnia, headaches, and so on. One can have some long-term effects especially if one uses nootropics for studying in the long run. If a person was to use the caffeinated, nicotine, or amphetamines from the day they join college every other weekend heavily, then there would be some effects at the end of the three or four-year course. The side effects which include high blood pressure decrease in cognitive abilities, addiction, and at times impairment of the mental faculties will, however, be evident after a much longer time of usage although some might start manifesting themselves before college life ends. If managed in a proper way like taking the stimulants only when in need of them and practicing good dietary precautions, then some of these side effects might never even have to appear.

Nootropics for studying come in different shapes and forms. Besides the popular soft drinks that seem to have almost instant results, many people take the fish oil, omega 3, eat a lot of chicken or beef and eggs to enhance their mental capacity. All the foods that contain Choline or other nootropic compounds are said to be very effective in helping a person develop a good memory, a good mood management system and cognitive capabilities improve. Choline is meant to repair the cell walls using a unique component called phospholipids. Acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter is also a component of Choline. Since a majority of people fall short of taking the right quantity of the Choline nootropics, it is advisable to use the supplements when studying. There are no severe side effects related to Choline.

There are three primary uses of the nootropics for a person who is studying which include stimulation, retention, and accuracy. If one takes the stimulants which will contain amphetamines, caffeine, and others, then they will be able to study for two or even three days nonstop. The side effects are obvious and they can be treated the same way as when one goes out clubbing. One should however know that there are likely long-term side effects. There are those that help students retain what they have learned. All the foods and supplements that have

Choline are known to be very good at this. There are no side effects associated with these smart drugs. The last category is that which helps one at becoming accurate and creative. Some of the nootropics in this category include piracetam, aniracetam, vasodilators, and metabolic enhancers. If used in the right manner, that is not overdosing (although most of the nootropics for studying are hard to), having a proper diet and so on, they can be very beneficial in helping one get a first-class or a distinction.