You’ve probably heard that testosterone boosters are a great way to increase your muscle mass, strength, and overall performance. But before you rush out to get one, there are some things you need to know about these “miracle” pills. 

Here are ten of the most common misconceptions about testosterone boosters, along with some advice on how to avoid falling for them. 

  • Testosterone is the same thing as anabolic steroids. No, they’re not. While both can be used to build muscle, they do so in completely different ways. Anabolic steroids work by blocking cortisol (the stress hormone) from being made in the body. This prevents the catabolism or breakdown of protein your body uses to build new cells, resulting in more protein being built and stored in your muscles. As if that wasn’t enough, anabolic steroids also cause increased red blood cell production, which increases oxygen delivery to the muscles – meaning more energy! 

On the other hand, testosterone works by increasing levels of LH, FSH, and DHEA, all of which are important hormones for building muscle. These three hormones stimulate your body’s production of growth factors (i.e., IGF-1), which then stimulate the production of proteins necessary to form new tissue. All this means better results when it comes to muscle gain and strength. 

  • Testosterone boosters are just like steroids. No, they aren’t. They won’t give you that crazy, pumped up look you see in magazines; instead, they’ll give you the look of someone who has been working out regularly. The best thing about these supplements is that they don’t have any side effects like weight loss, mood swings, acne, etc. 
  • Testosterone boosters will make me bulky. Unfortunately, they won’t do anything of the sort. In fact, the biggest danger of taking testosterone boosters is getting too much muscle mass. If you take too many of them, you could actually lose muscle mass and begin losing fat as well! This is because testosterone helps maintain lean muscle mass. You have to keep in mind that testosterone is only one part of what makes us men. It’s our sex hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, and DHT, that help determine whether we gain muscle, lose it, or stay relatively unchanged. 

  • I’m going to need a prescription to buy testosterone boosters. Not necessarily. In some states, like California, you may still need a prescription to buy these products – but in other places, like Texas, you can simply purchase over the counter without a doctor’s note. 
  • Supplements are cheaper than actual medication. That’s true, but there are a few things you should consider. First off, the cost of the product itself isn’t the only expense. There are often additional costs associated with shipping and handling, plus sales tax and packaging materials. So unless you live near where the company is located, shipping charges and taxes can add up quickly. On top of that, there might be a lot of free samples or trial offers available, but remember that you’re paying for those as well. Also, since the products are usually shipped directly to your door, there may be a charge for that as well. 
  •  I can’t trust the research behind testosterone boosters. While this may seem obvious, most people don’t realize just how little research goes into making claims about health supplements. A lot of marketing hype goes into claiming these products are backed up by years of research, but the truth is that most testosterone boosters are created by the same companies that make the drugs they claim to treat. And as we’ve seen with pharmaceuticals, sometimes the drug companies are forced to pull their products due to negative side effects. 
  • I have to keep track of all my dosages. Although it does sound complicated, it really isn’t. For instance, you would take two tablets at breakfast, then another at lunch, and then maybe a third tablet before bed. This may sound like a lot, but remember that you’re getting multiple benefits from each pill. For example, studies show that the combination of the ingredients found in testosterone boosters is much more effective than the individual ingredients alone. 

  • Testosterone boosters will make me gain muscle and have a huge libido. Yes, they can definitely help you achieve all of those goals, but they won’t do it overnight. Most testosterone boosters will take several weeks to start showing results, and even longer to reach peak effectiveness. It’s a good idea to be patient and consistent with your dosage so that you won’t suffer from jitters or anxiety as you get started. 
  • Testosterone boosters will make me gain muscle and have a huge libido at the same time. Again, yes, they can help you achieve those goals, but it may take a while. Studies show that men who use testosterone boosters typically experience gains in muscle mass within 2-3 months, though some men report seeing gains up to 6 months after using them. 
  • I have to cycle between cycles. This is a myth that was popularized by the supplement industry back in the 1980s, when athletes began taking them in order to reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer. While there is no evidence that shows that this is a problem, the fact is that testosterone boosters contain ingredients that may cause liver damage if taken long term. So although they may provide great short-term results, they are not recommended for long-term use. 

Misconception are mainly the thoughts of the people that they have formed as per their experience. A person should keep the focus on the myths of people.. But the complete trust must not be on these points. A person who is planning to consume the best testosterone booster supplements must give it a try. The result might be different for them.

In short, taking testosterone boosters is a good way to boost your testosterone level and increase your muscle size, but it takes patience and a little bit of experimentation. With the right type of training program and proper supplementation, you can achieve the results you want.