Not all bodies are created equal, even your own. People are either left handed or right handed. On special occasions a person might be ambidextrous. That rare person is still going to have a weaker side of their body.

It is different for each muscle group to. My left leg is weaker then my right but my left arm is stronger then my right– at least when it comes to the biceps and the forearms. This is because I carry my son with my left arm because I am right handed.

I’ve noticed that college students usually carry their heavy books in their left arm because they are right handed. Generally you will carry the heavier load with the arm you don’t use to write with.

To figure out which leg is weaker it is generally the one you dread lunging on. I messed up my foot awhile back, open wound slightly on the bottom, so my weaker leg quickly became my right. I still hate lunging with it despite it being back in complete health.

It is important to figure out which arm or leg is weaker when you work out. Not so you can give that arms more reps then the other but so it can set the pace.

This means that when you’re doing bicep curls and doing just one arm at a time so you can focus on doing that one arm correctly you need to do it with the weak arm. So for me, it would be the right. I met set a goal of doing twenty-five reps but if my arm can only make it to twenty-three my left is only going to do twenty-three reps.

The reason behind this is you want an even grow of muscles on both your arms. You’re not at the gym to come out looking like a deformed Quasimodo. It might be impressive that your right arm can do ten more reps then your left, and I’m sure it would be a fun way attracting the ladies, but your body will soon start to look funny.

That’s why some people believe you shouldn’t work out one arm at a time. I think that is silly since working out this way enable you to do it correctly and spot yourself if you need to.

Working out should never be easy, so might as well jump in on it going weaker to stronger. There is also a bit of a mental muscle boast there because when you start hard then go easy you feel like ‘Ah ha! I can do this again no sweat.’ To ensure the quality of your workout, shop a wide selection of smith machines at

Then you go back to pattern of hating life again, if you’re doing it right.

Starting off weaker side first will ensure you get an even tone of body muscle all over. Before you know it you’ll be able to lift those heavy things with both arms instead of relying on just one.