Kegel Exercise is done to increase the power of pelvic muscles. Pelvic muscles are connected between hip muscles. The kegel exercises are helpful for men in the old ages but the problem comes when man have week pelvic muscles, these problems can due to the diseases like overweight, some kind of surgery, aging problems. But by practicing and the use of westword the kegel exercise can be easy for the men and can achieve control within 12- 18 weeks.

What are Kegel Exercises and what are the problems relating to Kegel Exercises?

Holding Urine Exercises for a long time is known as Kegel Exercise. Some factors that affect weakens the pelvic muscle. Overweight is the main factor that bulges the pelvic organ and results in pelvic organ prolapse. Uncontrollable pressure results in the weakening of pelvic organs and leakage of urine.

Instructions Kegel Exercise:

  • Recognizing the correct Muscle

Stop the urine and insert a finger in the vagina touch and press the vagina and the muscle surrounding the vagina. The muscle which gets tighten while stopping the urine is the pelvic floor. Do not make it a habit because it can create many problems. Do not stop and flow the urine continuously. If you have flown the urine once then let it flow do not make it stop.

  • Focusing is a wise act

Stay focused on that particular pelvic muscle. One must stay focused in tightening only the pelvic muscle. Be careful while doing the kegel exercise because it can create problems in your pelvic muscle. Do not hold the breath while doing the kegel exercise instead breath freely.

  • Repetition in a day

“Practice makes the man perfect”. Repetition is acceptable 3 times in a single day. Setting the mind for 5 times a day can achieve a minimum of 3 in a single day. For better practicing, you can take the help of the internet or consulting a doctor or a physician.

  • Empty the Bladder

Kegel Exercise can be performed with an empty stomach also. Just know the position of the muscle in the vagina and it can also be done with the empty bladder. Kegel exercise can be performed by lying down on the bed or while watching TV.

  • Starting the Kegel Exercise

For the start tighten the pelvic muscle for 10 to 15 seconds. If it is hard for you to tighten the pelvic muscle for 10 sconds then start with 5-6 seconds. And then slowly increase the time as you feel comfortable.

The thing you need to care of while performing Kegel Exercise

  1. Do not tighten anything else except your pelvic muscle, like the back, thigh muscle, or abs. Do the kegel muscle while keeping all other muscles relaxed. This can be done by staying focused.
  2. Breath normally while doing the exercise.
  3. Do not squeeze any other muscle except the pelvic muscle.
  4. Do not try to attempt the kegel exercise during the pregnancy.
  5. Do not try to attempt kegel exercise more than 3 times a day.
  6. Avoid the kegel exercise while you are actually urinating. This can be problematic.