There have been numerous arguments amongst who is the superior gender between men and women and this has been going on since time immemorial right up to the 21st century that has still not seen a definitive conclusion so don’t expect to see it anytime too soon.

We are now in the age of liberalization where men no longer have a patriarchal dominance over women as both of them have equal rights and opportunities, which is why there is a sudden upsurge in the success of women in various fields, be it science, space, movies, politics, journalism, etc. to name a few.

Coming to the field of sports, swimming has always been neglected when compared to baseball or soccer in the United States but now things have changed as women have established their dominance in this field as well and things just keep getting better and better for them with the passage of time.

Brief Description

One doesn’t normally hear the words woman and swimming in the same sentence because male chauvinism still persists in this so called evolved society but that is an argument for another day.

There are numerous examples of women swimmers like Cate Campbell, Jenny Thompson, Simone Manuel, Katie Ledecky, Janet Evans, etc. to name a few that have set an example for others to follow and the results are there for all to see as you can find numerous youngsters looking up to them as their idols for emulation.

If you are interested in learning swimming then the first thing you need is a swimsuit for practice so that it would look authentic and most beginners use this technique when they step into the pool for the first time.

A swim suit is worn for almost every water based activity except bathing of course and water sports is incomplete without a nice round of swimming for which you need atleast a dozen or so swim suits that have to be ordered in advance.

It is mostly worn as an undergarment for scuba diving, surfing and water skiing but most people, especially women, make the same mistake of buying any random swim suit from a shop without bothering about their body shape and size for which they need to give measurements.

Weight Issue

It has been said that if there is anything that one should dare not ask a woman, it is her age and weight but in this case things are totally different as they need to have a swim suit to go swimming.

In order to find the correct swimsuit to suit your apple shape, you need to conduct extensive research online and keep a slim trim figure so that it matches the description correctly.

Most women do have weight issues but still they are lucky as they can find swimsuits of various sizes and designs to perfectly fit women as per their size and shape but it is the slim ones that get to enjoy the most as they are quite featherweight but overweight women too can manage on their own.