When it comes to credibility, there are a few differences between news break and internet news. Let’s take a look first at the credibility of TV news. Generally, all news delivered by the television are reported by professional journalists who work for a particular network or station. All the reports that make are all based from real account of the situations or people who serve as the subjects of their reports. That said, it is fair to say that the reports they deliver to audience are credible. So when you watch news from TV report, you can guarantee its credibility and authenticity. However, there are some cases where some stations or network get some implications from outside forces like politics. This is now when issues come into the picture. Hence, as a viewer, it is important to choose a station that has high credibility and reputation. On the other hand, Internet credibility comes from bloggers. Basically, bloggers are also journalists that have different styles and methodologies in writing news. Usually, they do reflect the opinion of the people who have witnessed the event in first account. They also use their own way of telling stories in order to make the delivery of the news more interactive. The downside of Internet news is that, just like TV news, there are outside forces that can also influence the way of news delivery. Even though there are real journalists writers who compose the news in the internet, there are still cases where the news delivered by them are not as standards as of real journalism. But regardless of whether it is the TV news or Internet news, the main goal of both platforms is to inform the public about the current events going on in our surroundings. As audience, it is our responsibility to be mindful and careful of the content that we read. We should be vigilant enough to dissert fake news from genuine ones.

Aside from credibility, let us also talk about accessibility. Fair to say, internet news is way more accessible than television news. This is because of the presence of mobile phones. Wherever we are, we can easily access the news using our mobile games. There are several apps that we can download so we can easily get the information that we need. In addition, some internet news are also present on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This makes this kind of news even more easy to access. On the other hand, Television news can only be access on TV. Although some networks and stations do have their own mobile application nowadays, most of the news are still appearing first on Television before it reaches the mobile platforms. When people are busy at work, office or school, they cant access news break on Television right away because usually, TVs are only available at home. This is the reason why internet news is way accessible than television news.