Green tea has nearly always been known as a delicious and warming beverage, often served in your favorite Japanese restaurant. The drink is a known provider of many essencial vitamins and antioxidants, such as “polyphenols;” studies show that the presence of these polyphenols actual reduces the risks of contracting certain types of cancer, such as breast, colon, prostate and all forms of digestive system cancers. (Annie B. Bond of But green tea isn’t just for inner health. Outer beauty can be assisted through the use of this powerful, and delicious, tool.

The Japanese have long known the secrets of green tea. The beautifully smooth and flawless complections of most Japanese women are often attributed to frequent consumption of green tea. Many Japanese women also credit their slim bodies to green tea, as it can help to speed up the calorie burning process. The high amount of antioxidants in green tea has also been known to help strengthen and smooth out the hair, eliminating split ends-another attribute many Japanese women posess. ( Tea for Beauty) Clearly, there’s something here to take notice of-green tea is a sucessful beauty treatment!

It all starts with one of the main vitamins found in green tea-vitamin E. Vitamin E, often found in all-natural body lotions, sunscreens, and many other forms of skin treatment-is known for its ability to help skin retain moisture. According to, vitamin E can not only help skin retain moisture, but also elasticity, thus heping to slow down the aging process. Vitamin E can help to smooth out or prevent those fine lines everyone is always trying to get rid of. Vitamin E can also help to moisturize rough or dry skin from the inside out. Green tea’s high content of vitamin E makes it an excellent treatment for skin.

Green tea is also a good acne treatment-when applied topically, it seems to reduce acne, without the irritating side effects of other acne treatments, such as itching, redness, peeling, and pain. ( According to’s article on “The Health Benefits of Green Tea,” green tea can also be applied topically to help sooth puffy, tired, or irritated eyes.

Apart from this healthy drink, you should also take weight loss supplements like resurge to support your diet. This is made from several natural ingredients so you can ensure that this is really healthy and safe to take. Aside from weight loss, it is also effective in enhancing the quality of your sleep.

The final-and possibly most exciting-beauty benefit of green tea is the assitance it provides in weight loss.’s recent article on green tea tells us that green tea actually speeds up the metabolism, helping us to burn those pesky fat calories that can be so difficult to get rid of. I can say from personal experience that this is very true. Green tea has always been a favorite drink of mine. But recently, since hearing about all of these wonderful health and beauty benefits it can provide to me, I have begun drinking it almost daily. When I added this increase of green tea to my diet and excercise, I have seen a signifigant increase in the amount of weight that I have lost. I have noticed that I even feel less hungry throughout the day if I drink green tea in the morning, with or instead of breakfast. My stomach has become visibly flatter-and my waist measurement has now dropped to 24 inches from the 26 it was two weeks ago. These results are quick and quite drastic when you consider that I am not overweight. Imagine what green tea could do for someone who was overweight? Of course, one must remember that diet and exercise are vital-without these two, I doubt as if green tea would yeild any sort of results. It should be used as assistance, not as a treatment in of itself.

Green tea’s beauty benefits are obviously well worth the extra cup of tea here and there. After all, even if you personally see no results, (which I doubt), all it costs you is the consumption of a delicious and healthy beverage. There is no perscription to obtain and no fortune to be spent. It is simply a good, old-fashioned, all-natural remedy. The Japanese have been harnessing green tea’s power for hundreds of years-why shouldn’t you, too?