It may sound crazy for somebody who is new to physical fitness and weight loss, but eating more actually helps you lose weight – if you do it the right way. No, this doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want, or gorge yourself on donuts and fried chicken, but if you do it right you can eat more often and lose weight in the process.

The science behind it is really quite simple, but it involves knowing how and when to eat to maximize your weight loss. But, rest assured that if you can adequately and smartly eat often along with the Resurge supplement, you can drop weight and avoid the dreaded “starvation mode” that your body enters when you don’t eat enough.

Eating more doesn’t mean eating more calories on your weight loss programs – it means eating more often. Aim for five or six smaller meals throughout the day, as opposed to the stereotypical big meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only will this keep your energy levels high and your body moving through the day, but it also keeps your metabolism elevated so that you don’t slow down and slow the weight loss process. Along with that, you get to boost your metabolism with the best fat burners in 2020 that you can add in your diet. 

When you are seeking to lose weight fast, and you eat small meals and eat throughout your weight loss journey, your body and metabolism stay at a high pace and rate, and you burn more calories each and every day. This, of course, makes you lose more weight and feel better faster!

When you don’t eat, or you eat very infrequently, your body goes into starvation mode and you actually hold on to more fat than you would have had you eaten more often. That’s because, in starvation mode, your body thinks it may not eat again and actively consumes its own muscle while retaining fat stores for energy.

That’s bad! You need to be building more lean muscle mass and dropping your fat stores down, not the other way around. By eating small meals throughout the day, you avoid putting your body into this unhealthy starvation mode and actually promote more weight loss over time.

It May Sound Counterintuitive, But Your Body Needs Fuel

While it isn’t the most obvious lesson to learn for somebody who is new to weight loss, it is important to understand how eating more often can help you on your weight loss journey, and let you cut fat while providing energy for your body. If you are losing weight through exercise and physical activity, your body needs fuel to replenish. You can’t in good conscience expect to be physically active without eating, after all.

Fuel your body the right way with food while eating smaller meals more often, and watch your body drop fat with fast weight loss, pick up lean muscle mass, and always feel energized and healthy with no energy crashes or mid-day naps needed. Now, go, and eat away – but make that food smaller quantity, healthier options, and five or six portions a day, and weight loss tips like that will have you shedding the pounds in no time!